Monday, February 6, 2012

Blair's new face up!

I redid Blair's face up over the weekend. Her chin had a scratch and her dark eyelids were bothering me so I whipped up my materials and had a go at it.

I've done 3 face ups in the past and they were all challenging, but this was the hardest. The MSC kept on frosting, the pastels weren't sticking, and I accidentally dropped the head while blushing! I had to redo it three times. Gah. I'm still not happy with how this face up turned out, but this is as good as it's gonna get for now.

Anyway, here are some progress pics. It's not much, but I figured I might as well chronicle my development.

Clean head! Well, as clean as I could make it.
First layer of blushing
Second layer of blushing. Added darker colors to the eyes and placed more pink in the cheeks (which I shouldn't have done >_>;).
Drew the basic shape of the eyebrows and winged eyeliner.
Placed details in the eyebrows, added lashes, defined the double eyelids, and added gloss to the lips and eyes.
Final touch: pretty false lashes!
All done! Now she has chronic bitchface. XD
Looking past the excessive pink and messy linework, I find it cute. It's just not Blair. Maybe I'll warm up to it in the next few days. We'll see.


  1. She's still cute, though! And I do like how this looks pretty lighter than her last look.

  2. Nick Chou10:50 AM

    For now I really like it, but if you want to change it that's fine with me. Your face-ups are nice anyhow ^_^

  3. Thanks Kuri. ^^ She's a lot pinker in person though. I'm probably keeping how the eyes and lips look. :)

  4. Thanks Nick. ;w; I'm starting to like it, but I don't like her brows and how pink she is in person LOL, so I'll still probably redo it.

  5. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan12:16 AM

    I know she's not Blair, I really really do... But I implore you to keep Blair's face-up for a little while longer. Or at least remember how to do it again. Or at least keep a reference pic. You know, for the sake of Katherine... And lovers of bitchy ladies XD

    P.S.: One of my friends who just saw your blog today wanted me to tell you how cool you are, for making these face-ups. She says she's your fan now, hehehe

  6. I'm keeping it for the time being. I don't think I have the time to redo it. Don't worry, I took lots of pics when I did her face-up. xD

    o.o Really? Give her my thanks! ;w;


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