Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paper Plane

I saw this cute, surreal video on Vimeo and just had to share it. Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 7: Day 2

To continue with my Dollism Plus 7 report, here's my Day 2 post! For my Day 1 photos, click here.

The second day of Dollism was pretty much the same as the first. Most of the booths and displays from Day 1 were still present on Day 2, but there were several new ones that replaced the shops that were gone.

Fortunately, I had more time to actually shop this time around since I already took photos of most of the booths and displays present in the con. I finally managed to find new pretty things for Blair that day! I was so worried she'd end up not getting anything new because there weren't a lot of things for sale that fit Minifees.

In case you Minifee owners didn't know yet, the girls can fit most YOSD clothes! The more fitted clothes would be trickier, especially for the boys. If your girl has either the cutie or the small bust, you're in luck. Blair has the small bust and I was able to get her three YOSD outfits. :D

Anyway, there's more photos under the cut!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 7: Day 1

So here it is: my Dollism Plus 7 Day 1 post! To say that the event was overwhelming is an understatement. I never thought I'd get to see this many BJDs and owners in one place! It's an experience I won't forget.

There were a lot of BJD clothes and accessories shops in attendance, the biggest of which were Crobidoll, Lati Doll, Switch, Peak's Woods, Dollheart, Leeke World, Blue Fairy, and Nine9Style. Other notable brands were Spirit Doll, Angell-Studio, Coco Tribe, Popodoll, Ringdoll, DikaDoll, Dollfie World, Dollzone, Doll Leaves, and Ruby Red Galleria.

Everywhere I looked, there was a ton of beautiful mori outfits and accessories, which I both loved and hated. I wanted so many things, but most of them were not in Blair's size or were not within my budget! x_x

There were also gorgeous displays in the con! Kudos to all the people behind these beautiful booths! It must have taken lots of effort to pose the dolls and create the costumes and sets.

I planned on taking note of the shop names so that I could label my photos appropriately, but like I said, I got overwhelmed. I failed as a blogger, haha! Hopefully the sheer amount of photos will more than make up for my failure.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Hong Kong Dollism Plus 7 Haul!

Hello, lovely readers! I'm back from my 5-day Hong Kong trip with some of my friends from ManikaManila. IT WAS A BLAST! Lots of fun was had. I can't believe it's over! Ahhh! ;A;

Anyway, moving forward... I took a lot of photos during the two days Dollism was held, but I'm still in the process of sorting and editing them. So in the meantime, I'm sharing my HKDP haul spam.

 Blair's loot: 3 pairs of shoes, 3 dress sets, 2 hair accessories, stockings, a wig, and a pair of eyes.

Miette's loot: 4 dress sets, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 hair accessories, and a pair of eyes.

I spent around a total of $180 for all of these, which is a huge bargain already considering how expensive doll stuff can be. It's still a pretty huge amount for someone who doesn't have deep pockets like me, though. This will be the last dolly haul for this year, I swear! xD

I'm so glad I was able to buy Miette some super cute shoes. She's been barefoot since she's arrived!

 Those blue kitty boots and bunny headphones are my favorites! They're so adorable.

These Honey Dolly dresses were too sweet, I just had to buy them. I really love the colorful print on the left one, and the sweets print on the right one. Gah!

I got these two in a buy 2 get 1 promo. I bought these two and got a dress for Blair for free~!

Here's Miette, modeling some of her new stuff. She's so ridiculously cute now! >A<  *squishes*

I like these new green eyes on her. She looks more alive with these than her old ones. Hnghhh I can't believe she's mine! > 3<

Now onto Blair's loot. I was beyond ecstatic to see that Kuloft selling their famous deer antler headbands in MSD size! They were a wee bit pricey, but I didn't care because I HAD TO HAVE ONE. It's absolutely perfect for Blair. I'm also glad I got a decent pair of brown boots that she can stand in. ^^

I wanted to get Blair a beautiful mori girl clothes set, but the ones I wanted were either SD-sized or really expensive, so I had to settle for the next best thing: ultra-girly YO-SD dresses.

All of the dresses I got for Blair are for YO-SDs because there was almost nothing in slim MSD size. It's a good thing Minifees fit a lot of YO-SD clothes, otherwise Blair might have gone home without new threads.

Aside from the deer antler headband, these two shoes are my favorites from Blair's haul. If only they had them in my size! XD

 @_@ I don't know when I'll get used to this new look. I love it, but it's quite the change! New hair, new eyes, new clothes and shoes!

I think she's due for a new faceup to complete the makeover. We shall see! Anyhoo, if you made it to the end, thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Theme Thursday: Ombré Hair on Dolls

Ombré hair is a huge trend right now, especially among celebrities and fashion bloggers. I find it really pretty, and I love seeing it on dolls, too!

1. Gradation Blonde 2. In your eyes 3. dipped dyed mohair
4. Gradation Pink 5. Ashby 6. Beary Fairy Kiyomi
7. 01.18 8. Blond Pink 9. Leeke World

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sechuna Wishlist

I love the mori girl style, but I can't pull it off without looking too girly or child-like. However, there are some items that I feel I can rock. is one of the online shops that I like to look at. Here are some of the stuff that I have on my wishlist!

Love how cute and comfy this looks! *u*

Cute little mouse and bunny clinging to your hand

Leather bracelets to add some spunk into the usual dainty mori coordinates!


Gotta have some tribal/Aztec prints!

I want this lace jacket the most. Looks so versatile! :D

Which one is your favorite? ^_^

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We're going to Dollism Plus 7!

Me and my doll friends will be in Hong Kong starting this Thursday for Dollism Plus 7!
I won't be back until early next week, so even though I have some posts queued up, I won't be able to reply to the comments. ^^

I'll try my best to cover this year's event and share it with you.
I'm super excited! See you next week! :D
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