Monday, March 3, 2014

Leather & Lace: The ManikaManila Valentine Meet 2014

Last February 22, we held our annual Valentine meet with the theme Leather & Lace. Dolls were required to don either a leather, lace or leather & lace ensemble. This was the first meet I organized as a moderator for ManikaManila, and it makes me really proud and happy to have a great turnout for this meet. ;w;

The meet was held in Tutto Domani, a quaint restaurant specializing in mouth-watering comfort food. The restaurant also doubles as a toy store. They carry designer toys such as Kidrobot and Tokidoki. Aside from the usual dolly admiring, chit-chatting, we held a contest for best costume and we also had a doll version of Never Have I Ever. XD

These folks were by far the most fashionable that day, so they get cover photo status. <3

My big girls Rowan and Blair were the only ones in attendance from me for a change. Here they are with Violet. :3

The Valentine meet wouldn't be complete without my favorite couple, Ninon & Dice! *v*

My fooooood. I ordered a TD Longganisa Sandwich Power Platter. IT'S SO GOOD.

The winners of the costume contest: Mathilde (lace), Vixen (leather) and Malena (leather & lace). All of these were handmade!
Photo courtesy of Nix.

Tutto Domani's staff were very nice and accommodating! We'd probably go back there again for a smaller meet since the place was a bit small for the number of attendees (there were more than thirty of us!). Also, it was gloomy outside, so please bear with the less than stellar photos. ^^

Delf Girl Type 3 Body for Sale on DoA

I've decided to put up Blair's Delf body up for sale on Den of Angels. She'll come in her original LUTS box (or not, if you prefer her unstrung). I'll be getting a Feeple60 body from a friend for her. If you're interested, head over to the thread here. :)
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