Friday, September 28, 2012

Interview with bombom of Tiny Feet & SugarDoll

Filipa, better known as bombom in the doll hobby, is a lady I greatly admire. Aside from creating the cutest doll clothes for her shop, The SugarDoll, she is also the force behind the popular doll magazine, Tiny Feet. I absolutely love the work she does for both her shop and the magazine.

In this interview, Filipa talks passionately about her craft and love for the hobby. It's a little lengthy, but it's an interesting read. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theme Thursday: Dark Mori Girl

Dark Mori girl is Mori girl's more gothic sister. The baggy and layered silhouette and the nature and vintage motifs are still there, but the lace is tattered, the flowers and feathers are dark (or even dead and dry), the make up is more striking and primal, and the cute woodland fauna are replaced with skulls and skeletons.

Photo sources: Strega's Forest, Feather & Moss Curiosities, and Necrosarium

As ShadyOaks on Tumblr puts it:
"If a mori girl is a sheep, the black forest girl is the wolf. She and the romantic goth have many interests in common, the metaphysical and the macabre are as fascinating and beautiful a facet of nature as life and light. Rather than letting the “memento mori” idea get them down in the dumps, they allow it to let them appreciate living while respecting death."
I've been recently toying with the idea of dressing up Blair in dark mori girl fashion. There is a mystery in her eyes that I can't quite put a finger on; I only know that she has a darker side to her. I've also been stalking the DoA marketplace for a Minifee Miyu SP head, which would be perfect for dark mori!Blair. Ahh, ideas, ideas. Now if only my income was directly proportionate to my wants!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Game of Thrones Pop! Vinyl Figures by Funko

Game of Thrones fans, get your wallets ready! Funko has created a new series of Pop! vinyl figures based on the popular fantasy franchise. The designs are based on the TV show portrayals, and boy are they cute! These are expected to hit the shelves this coming November. Are you excited? I am! 8D

Below are the six characters included in this release:

I have one qualm though: why is Tyrion's hair brown? What happened to his golden Lannister locks? I also wonder why they released The Hound and the White Walker from season 2. They're cool-looking but they seem like odd options for the first release. Releasing figures of Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister make more sense. Anyway, I love them. I'm definitely getting Daenerys and Drogo! ♥♥♥

Source: Game of Owns

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 22: As I Fall

Nope, this post is not about every BJD owner's worst nightmare. See, our local BJD community, ManikaManila, is running a themed photo activity. This month's theme is "Autumn", hence the title. No falling dollies over here, just a lame attempt at wordplay...

Click for a larger view

And pretty Blair photos! Okay, obviously none of these are groundbreaking but I am quite proud of these shots. It was one of those rare shoots where the lighting is just right, so I barely had to edit these shots! When it comes to photography, I prefer minimal editing. I like my photos to look as natural as possible. If you see any of my photos heavily edited, that means I had a bad day, LOL!

Since I live in a tropical country, I can only dream of experiencing Autumn/Fall. Hopefully one day I'll be able to see red and orange leaves and wear those fabulous coats and scarves! For now, I'll have to content myself with mimicking the atmosphere of Fall through photos and wearing light cardigans. XD

Speaking of fall, I don't know how many times I've said this but I really really really love this girl, especially now with her new face up. Gods, I'm so smitten right now. Have you ever experienced the feeling of falling in love over again with your doll? Buh. ;____;

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I finally caught Fireflies!

LOL Pardon the joke. I just had to do it because of what Ryan gave to me for my birthday. It's a firefly jar! It's the best gift I've received this year. So perfect. Look at how pretty it is in action! ♥u

It's not really a firefly jar, of course. It's a solar-rechargable lantern called Dreamlights, which has several LEDs that flicker like real fireflies. The fireflies glow when it gets dark or when you shake the jar. Cool right?

Dreamlights can be purchased through QUIRKSph if you're living in the Philippines or through ThinkGeek for other countries.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Freebie: Peonies & Cream (PS Actions) + Actions Tutorial

It's my birthday today! Because it's better to give than to receive, here's a free Photoshop Action set. Use it to add a little sweetness to your photos. Make sure to read the tutorial after the jump to learn how to use it if you don't know yet!

Click here to download!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Midnight Reverie by Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki takes a more graphic approach to her art in her latest show, Midnight Reverie. Her use of black gives an eerie effect to her pieces. Her girls look even more enigmatic, and somehow quite menacing, compared to her older works.

Deep Waters

Lost in Thought

May There Be


You Come First

Source: Audrey Kawasaki's Official Blog

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 21 + Leeke World Art Wig Review

Blair's birthday gift (c/o Ryan, teehee ^u^) arrived a day after her actual birthday. Sweet! I was expecting it to arrive by the end of September. Imagine my surprise when it was delivered to my office yesterday afternoon. I wanted to check it out but I was afraid of inspecting it in the office. xD

Touch of Pink

As soon as I got home, I tried it on Blair. I was worried that it was too pink, but it's not bad actually. It really suits her new face up! I wanted it to be a little creamier and more brownish, but eh, you can't really expect handmade things (especially art wigs) to look exactly like their promo photos. There are some brownish/cream parts, but it's not really close to how it was presented on their site.

Here's a comparison shot of the wig I have and one of the promo photos on the art wig's product page on Leeke World:

That's quite a difference, but it's still a gorgeous wig.

Am I disappointed? Just a little. Leeke World's quality has been going down recently, but I've gotten luckier with their simpler wigs. I guess it would be best to just purchase those instead of the heavier styled ones. ;)

Final rating on the Art Wig W127:

Color: 4/5
Despite the difference between the wig that I got and the promo photos, the wig's color is still a lovely blend of pink and blonde, with some parts dyed brown and dark pink.

Softness: 4/5
The wig is very soft and easy to maintain, as long as you take good care of it.

Durability: 4.5/5
The wefts are sewn well and it doesn't seem like it's prone to hairfall.

Promo photo accuracy: 2.5/5
The style is accurate but the color difference is very obvious. Too pink!

Overall rating: 3.75/5
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