Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get the Look: Valentine Macaron (MSD)

It's cliché, but nothing says Valentine's like pink, flowers and sweets. Here's a charming coordinate for your doll inspired by the season. Happy Valentine's Day!

Photos from Tokyo Fashion Co. and Pretty is Pink.
Hair ribbon: Lace-020 from Leeke World, $1.80


  1. Nix De Pano12:06 PM

    These Get the Look posts are always so cool, Kass. X) Galing mo maghanap! :3 Happy Hearts Day! X3

  2. Mahirap maghanap, but it hurts so good. =))
    Thanks bb! Happy Hearts Day to you, too! :3

  3. Happy belated Valentine's day. Wow! What a look. So charming. This is such a superb coordination.

  4. Thank you! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you as well. ♥


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