Thursday, February 2, 2012

Theme Thursday: Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are really popular nowadays among the youth. It can be seen as necklaces, earrings, shirt prints and even paintings. I don't know the reason behind the youth's sudden interest in this Native American charm. Perhaps it's because they symbolize hope and good vibes, two things that––depending on one's perspective––the world lacks.

1. dreamcatcher 2. Hazy days 3. Forever21 Dreamcatcher Top
4. DIY dreamcatcher jewelry 5. Sugarhigh+Lovestoned poster 6. dreamcatcher
7. Dreamcatcher 8. dreamcatcher earrings 9. Never stop
I've loved dreamcatchers ever since I first saw one as a little girl. My mom told me about how it's supposed to filter the bad dreams and let the good ones fall down the feathers and into your head. I asked her to buy me one and she did. I lost it a long time ago, but my fascination for dreamcatchers remained. In fact, I turned an old dreamcatcher earring of mine into a pendant for Blair!


  1. Trust_downfall2:30 AM

    I was also into Dreamcatchers for a while. Back during a time I had a lot of nightmares, I bought one, and even if it didn't help SO much, I still really liked how it was made.
    Also Dreamcatcher the novel written by Stephen King is one of my favorites. :3

  2. Aww. xD Mine didn't help with my nightmares either.
    I heard it was a good book, but I only saw the movie, and it sucked. XDDD


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