Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fancying FoxyBrowny

If someone asks me what my favorite doll clothes shop is, I would say "FoxyBrowny!" in a heartbeat. Their clothing fits the mori girl aesthetic, with their use of natural color palettes and fabrics mixed with a light and carefree style. I love how effortlessly pretty the clothes are.

Even before I got Blair, I swore to myself that she would have at least one clothing set from them. I managed to snag this one for a cheaper price at the DoA Marketplace, and it's become one of my favorite outfits of hers!

Below are some of my favorite sets from FoxyBrowny.

Learn more about FoxyBrowny by checking out their official website and Etsy store.


  1. Nick Chou6:59 PM

    oooh if they were not for Slim MSD's I would buy in a heartbeat!

  2. Aww. :(
    Hopefully they decide to do clothes for MSDs, too.

  3. I've always loved FoxyBrowny's outfits, but I heard from a friend who saw them in person that the sewing isn't very good, and messy on the inside. :< Is it that bad?

  4. I don't know about that. :( I only have one set from them and the sewing quality is good in my opinion. No loose threads or jagged lines, and the fabrics are nice.


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