Friday, March 9, 2012

Mall's Birthday Giveaway: I won 4th prize!

One of my favorite artists, May Ann Licudine aka Mall celebrated her 30th birthday last February 24. She held a giveaway on her blog, where the first prize was an original painting! I entered the giveaway but I didn't win the painting. I won the fourth prize though! It's a super cute pocket mirror with her original characters Babu and his cat, Abu.

Here are the photos of the package!

I spazzed when I saw this arrive! It's so cute. Look at those awesome handmade stamps she used!

The contents of the package: the mirror, a business card, a handmade bracelet and a PRINT!
More photos after the jump!

This is the pocket mirror I won. I don't know if I want to use it. I wouldn't want to lose or damage it! >_<

Mall's business card featuring one of her Innocent Girls.

A print of one of her paintings entitled "Fulfillment". IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! ;_;

I've always wanted artwork from her. I am having this framed! o/

Thank you so much, Ms. Mall! ;A;


  1. jaisymarshal6:17 PM

    All frames looking so good so natural. The colors are choosing very decent and very excellent. I also want this kind of gift from anybody.  I really like  the idea the way you presenting.

    Cloth Diapers

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting! :)
    It was Mall who packaged the prize, not me. I agree, it's really nice packaging! :D

  3. Wow! Congratulations! What a nice gift from Mall! :D 

  4. Thanks! I'm just lucky I won the draw. ^^


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