Friday, April 13, 2012

ManikaManila's Official Website + Ozine Fest 2012

This week, ManikaManila launched it's new official website! The community has been (and will still be) using Livejournal as its main operations base, but the new site offers a lot of cool features that enhance the community experience for both old and new members. It also has useful guides for those who are planning to enter the BJD hobby.

This awesome website was made by the ever-so-talented Nix!

These guides are helpful to both old and new hobbyists. I learned lots of new things while reading them.

I love this section! It's great to have just one place for all the pretty photos. :3

My favorite part: the census! I love the way it's designed. Beautiful and functional.
I can't ask for more from this website, and the community, for that matter. I've always been proud to be a member of ManikaManila, and this site made that pride even stronger. Wooh! :D

Speaking of community pride, ManikaManila will be having a display at Ozine Fest 2012 starting today (April 13) until Sunday (April 15) at SM Megamall Mega Trade Halls 1 & 2. Some of the members will be there and I'll be there on Saturday, so if you see us, don't be shy and say hi!


  1. Nick Chou2:09 PM

    Hope I can pass by on Sunday! 

  2. Aww I won't be there, but okay! Have fun! o/

  3. Nix De Pano4:20 PM

    Thanks for posting about this, Kassss. ;u;

  4. You're more than welcome bb. <3

  5. You're more than welcome bb. <3


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