Monday, May 28, 2012

ManikaManila's Sun-Kissed Summer Meet!

Blair, Miette and I attended ManikaManila's Summer meet last Saturday. It was held in Constantine Place in BF Resort Village, Las Piñas. We had the place reserved, so we had the entire location by ourselves. It was nice to be in a meet in a more private setting. Even if there weren't as many attendees compared to previous meets, it was just as fun. :)

I took lots of photos again, so I hope you enjoy the spam!

A beacon for those who get lost easily like me

The doll attendees. I'm going to try and name them all, ha!

My girls Blair and Miette working the floral motif!

Lucy, Quibb, LaToya and Viola just chillin'.

Solara and Ichigo were rocking their bikinis!

Ziggy and Dicelittle!

LittleRose and Dokilittle!!! SO CUTE! *A*

Cute girls Ulalume and Miya Miya

Blake and Frei also went to Vigan like Blair and Miette! I should get to posting those photos lol. *coughs*

Morgana, Harper and Yu

Baywatch beauties Diva and Zita *u*

Marceline and Loli in matching Barbie swimsuits!

Marshal is sad that Kouta is freaking out because of Marshal's really bad sunburn... :'D

Miette made friends with fellow Lati Yellow, Quibb, and his girlfriend, LaToya!

Lakan II playing babysitter with Kouta and Duckie

Starr, being his usual grumpy self.

Harb, Suishou and Glacian look ready to bask in the sun!

Chlo, Ninon and Sky, who is praying for the souls of those revealing too much skin lololol

Milky-haired boys Sky and Isha

Crow looking very festive and Kitt donning summer rockstar garb.

A ninja Althia appears!

Blood bruthas Tori and Lee. o_O

Demure but still sexy ladies Amihan and Addie

I love Jared's denim vest!!!

Finally got to see this beautiful boy! Hello Drift~!

Hana hanging out with Blair and her bunnies.

Humans taking photos of humans taking photos! This is me, shot by my sun and stars. :3

Hello, awesome MM mod!

My sun and stars! :D

Tangie! HAHA.

Hello TicTac!

Hello Mr. Knife Guy!

Our venue! It's bigger than it appears, plus it has a pool!

This curvy lady's ready to jump into the pool haha!

Lovely MM members shooting the equally lovely Ninon.

Blair wants to be like Ninon when she grows up. ;u;


*sigh* She's so beautifuuuul.

Sexy Suishou lounging by the pool...

...with the very slender Solara.

Somebody brought Pullips! I love this girl's tan skin.


Check out their cute storage bag! So colorful!

Howdy, boys!

What a sweet face! ;w;

Lumie loves Mr. Seal. Yes.

The little kids went for a little boat ride in the pool. All together now, awwwww!

All together now, WTF??? XDDD

Here's a more sane bunch! xD

Back to the dolls! Here's a latecomer, Kaden. He looks so much like Jaejoong in this get-up! 8D

I got youuuuu under my skin! 8'DDD

This is Patch. He is handsome.

I love these boys so much!

Zita, gorgeous as ever.

Diva, you're still awesome even though your bikini is scandalous. XD

Harb, Glacian and Suishou relaxing on the bench



Grumpy Starr is grumpy. D:<


At least he doesn't mind Drift sleeping beside him.

Drift~ my new doll crush. :3

Sleepy boy. > 3<


Blair made a new friend in Lucy. :)

They both look so pretty decked in florals!

Hi dear. ^u^

Blake and Frei emoting on the bench.


Blair never took this hat off. She didn't want to get too much sun, hehe.

On Blair: Hat, thrifted; Wig, Leeke World (styled by me); Lace vest and floral dress, Kondoll; Shoes from Dollmore.

On Miette: Wig, Leeke World (styled by me); Flower in hair and yellow sundress both by me.

That's it! Thanks for viewing! Miette bids you bye-bye! ^u^/


  1. * u * Awesome photos Kass! Ahuhuhuhu! Miette is soo cuuute! With the eyes and the cheeks and the hair! >.<~♥

  2. Thank you Anj! Huhuhu Doori... y u no talk? I bet he sounds handsome, too... ;A;

  3. I would have taken more swimming photos, but it was getting dark and I couldn't focus the camera properly. @_@

    It was fun!!! We missed you!

  4. Harbinp3:52 AM

    Thanks for sharing pics! It was so much fun and its' nice meeting you Kass! <3

  5. Oh, it's me, Tic. XD

  6. Thanks! It was nice meeting you, too! :)

  7. Nix De Pano3:55 AM

    Ah such a gorgeously complete post~ ;o; I do have regrets but I can sleep more soundly cause your post is osm and your photos are osm and you captured so many osm moments. :) Love this post, bb!

  8.  ;U; I'm glad I did you proud! Sweet dreams! :))

  9. Irene / Solarsenshi5:52 PM

    This looks like such a fun meet! Lovely photos of lovely dollies ~ so many colours!

  10. It was! <3 Thanks for the comment! :)

  11. Oh, it's me, Tic. XD

  12. Miette and I say thanks!!! GET A LATI ALREADY! :'DDD

  13. Thanks! Yes it was definitely fun. :) I hope you can be part of one in your area.

  14. Nick Chou11:58 PM

    I love the swimming photos! Yay swimming photos!

    Looked like a lot of fun!

  15. Bernadeta Baczyńska11:58 PM

    What a great meet up ! I would like to take a part with one like that! I bet was HUN!

  16. Anj Tan11:58 PM

    Miette is SO. CUTE. TToTT *crai*  that little sundress  you're awesome, Kass...
    And I do love the photos you took of Blair and Lucy. :3
    haha... awww... Kass. <3
    Doori will probably say thank you if he could. But sometimes he doesn't talk. u3u

    Zita and Diva. Ugh. <3 srsly. They are defintely Baywatch material.
    And I love your photos of Ninon too. :3 <3


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