Friday, June 8, 2012

BJD Meme Numero Dos!

There's been another BJD meme going around. I got tagged by my friends and several other people on Flickr, so I might as well post it here on my blog for everyone to see. :P

1: From all the dolls you own, who is your favourite and why?
Blair, because she is my inner mori girl personified and because it took me almost a year to get her. It was agonizing while waiting for her to get home!

2: Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting?
Back in 2005, I found out about BJDs when my bf introduced me to Mistula, a virtual band made of BJDs. I wasn't keen on the music, but I was very intrigued by the beautiful dolls. I was shocked to find out that they were so expensive and quickly gave up on getting one. But in 2010, I found out that a close friend of my bf got a Dream of Doll DOC Too. I got close with that person, and through her, I met the folks of ManikaManila. I went to meets and learned more about dolls. I also joined Den of Angels. The rest is history!

3: Name the very first doll you ever bought?
Blair, a Minifeé Miyu. I haven't been in the hobby very long. ^^

4: Which doll do you plan to buy next?
I'm planning on getting a Littlefeé Chiwoo next year. I plan on making him into a spunky adventurer!

5: Are you currently waiting on any dolls?
Nope, I'm saving my money for Dollism Plus 7, which is only a month away! :D

6: How many dolls do you currently have?
Two: Blair and Miette.

7: Name the very last doll you bought?
Miette, a Lati Yellow Suji.

8: What is the worst thing about this hobby?
Everything nice is EXPENSIVE.

9: What is the best thing about this hobby?
Meeting new friends and sharing the hobby with them. <3

10: Which is your best dolly photo (of yours)?
This one. Coincindentally, it's from the same shoot as the BJD meme pic I used above. I think it's my best because they look alive in the photo. I think I hit the posing + lighting + styling combo right in this one.

11: Which is your favourite BJD company?
Fairyland, undoubtedly! Their aesthetic fits squarely with my taste.

12: Who are on your wish list?
Other than the Littlefeé I mentioned earlier, I would like to get a Rosetta Doll ZIO on an SDF body, a Minifeé Woosoo or Chloe girl, a Minifeé Seorin or Luka boy, and a Lati Yellow Haru. If only I had the money!

13: Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased?
None so far. I don't think I would sell any doll I would purchase because I really have to fall in love with it before buying it. ^^

14: Who's your favourite face up artist/s?
My top 5 would have to be Andreja of Nicolle's Dreams, Caroline of Viridian House, Meggilu, Propertyoftheuchiha, and Lightlybattered. They all have very distinct styles and all of them give life to the dolls they paint. I can only hope to be as good as them someday.

15: What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc?
I personally think all of those are a must when purchasing, but it depends from person to person. People decide on dolls for different reasons: some choose a doll that matches a character they have in mind; some just fall in love with a sculpt; some want a muse for their photography, etc. Personally, I choose my dolls based on the face sculpt, the posing, and the body design.

16: Anything else you'd like to add?
The BJD hobby is an amazing, fulfilling hobby, and despite the stigma attached to it, I'm glad I got into it! ^_^


  1. Swaran Jit7:02 PM

    There are so many different options for the Girls fashions. I like your blog. Good work keep it up !!!

    Swaran Jit


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