Monday, August 20, 2012

Blair's Fifth Face up – an Experiment

Blair had been needing a new faceup for some time now. Her face was too red and did not match her body, and her bottom lashes were wonky. Since yesterday's weather was pleasant, I decided to go for it.

I purchased LUTS pearl powder and Tamiya acrylic semi-gloss earlier this month. I was excited to use them, but it took me the whole day to finally do so because I kept on making mistakes! GRAH! FACE UP FRUSTRATIONS. I had to erase my work three times. There was always a spot on her brow bone that won't hold pastels. Ugh. D8<

Anyway, I finished at around midnight yesterday (I started at 1pm, by the way >_>), and this was the result:

I'm pretty satisfied, but I still want to redo it. I used too much pearl powder and ended up erasing some of the details like the lip lines and bottom lashes. I'm also not that happy with how adding an upper lip to the Miyu sculpt makes it look more pouty. It's cute, but not what I want for Blair. But maybe it will grow on me? I don't know. We shall see. ^^

Part of the reason why I want to keep this face up is because I spent a lot of time layering pastel colors to achieve her eye make up. The colors look so simple and monochromatic, but I actually used black, brown, cobalt blue, sky blue, red and white to achieve that effect. I only have the 12-piece Mungyo Pastel set, so I had to make-do with the available colors. So hard. ;w;

The colors look so much brighter in person than on photos though. She looks so dark and sad in person, but she looks a little more neutral in photos. Weird. Or it may just be the diffused flash. Hm. I'm gonna need to find a balance between making her pretty in person and making her photogenic.

My respect for face up artists just multiplied tenfold. Seriously, this can actually be crazy hard and frustrating. You guys are amazing. TT_TT


  1. Anj Tan2:54 PM

    It really is very difficult to do faceu_s correctly. > < I understand you, and res_ect you too for having to re_eat it 3 times in one day... And Blair looks amazing. :3 don't worry. She's looking better and better with each faceu_.
    I just ho_e it starts growing on you soon. : )) I'm excited to see her in _erson, and the _earl _owder looks great in the _hotos. :3

  2. cannot stress this more but I love love love her lips with this faceup ♥~

  3. Thank you so much, Anj. For the encouragement and the advice. I'll keep working to get better! ;w;

  4. It's staring to warm up to me. :'D Thanks!

  5. PrincessVictoria1:02 AM

    She looks beautiful woth this face-up! Especially the lips actually :3
    But, Idk why, these shiny spots under her eyes cought my eye, somehow they make her look like a fairy xD

  6. Wow, a fairy! That's such a wonderful comparison. Thanks! *u*

  7. Pik3h7:00 PM

    I love her new face-up!

  8. Thank you very much. :)


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