Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theme Thursday: Dark Mori Girl

Dark Mori girl is Mori girl's more gothic sister. The baggy and layered silhouette and the nature and vintage motifs are still there, but the lace is tattered, the flowers and feathers are dark (or even dead and dry), the make up is more striking and primal, and the cute woodland fauna are replaced with skulls and skeletons.

Photo sources: Strega's Forest, Feather & Moss Curiosities, and Necrosarium

As ShadyOaks on Tumblr puts it:
"If a mori girl is a sheep, the black forest girl is the wolf. She and the romantic goth have many interests in common, the metaphysical and the macabre are as fascinating and beautiful a facet of nature as life and light. Rather than letting the “memento mori” idea get them down in the dumps, they allow it to let them appreciate living while respecting death."
I've been recently toying with the idea of dressing up Blair in dark mori girl fashion. There is a mystery in her eyes that I can't quite put a finger on; I only know that she has a darker side to her. I've also been stalking the DoA marketplace for a Minifee Miyu SP head, which would be perfect for dark mori!Blair. Ahh, ideas, ideas. Now if only my income was directly proportionate to my wants!


  1. Xhanthi Black9:28 PM

    I have a lot of love for Dark Mori, I think Blair would look great as dark Mori, sleeping dark mori Blair sound perfect!

  2. Pretty photos! I get the concept of "dark mori girl", but the whole labelling thing just doesn't sit right with me, haha. I don't know. Maybe it's because the idea behind it is really similar to dolly kei? The style is, too. So I don't know why it has to be called "dark mori girl"..... but that's just me.

    Either way, I think it would suit Blair a lot! Dolly kei would be perfect for her, I think. You should check out outfits by Miyoshi and Kaori from Grimoire :)

  3. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan11:30 PM

    So... Mori is to Selesnya as Dark Mori is to Golgari? XD Sorry, I hope you get the reference XD

  4. LOL Yeah I get it. :P

  5. I always thought Dolly Kei was more inspired by antique dolls and gypsy motifs, whereas dark mori girl is like a more raw and darker version of mori girl. The whole look reminds me of witches, actually. Not that's a bad thing! I happen to like the occult. XD I get what you mean about the "labeling". These styles really overlap lots of times.

    Haha thanks! I'll check those out. :D

  6. Ughhh lol now you're just enabling me. TToTT


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