Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview with Lola of Atelier Momoni

I've been a big fan of Lola Palacios's work even before I got my first doll. As a mori kei lover, the chic and casual clothes and accessories she makes for her shop, Atelier Momoni, definitely tickled my fancy the moment I laid eyes on them.

I'm so glad she agreed to do this interview! Click on "Continue reading" to learn more about this talented lady from Spain. :)

 1. To start off, share with us 3 interesting things about yourself.
When I want to do something I'm stubborn and straightforward until I finish it. I'm multitasking, always making a lot of different things at the same time

2. How did you discover the BJD hobby?
I saw them at Japan like 10 years ago but couldn't afford them. Time passed by, two of my best friends bought Dream of Doll BJDs and then I joined them. I really enjoyed it. They introduced me into the hobby, found my dream doll and took me more than a year to get her: an Unoa Lusis. Then I discovered the beautiful Lati Yellow dolls, a size that drives me happy-crazy.

3. Describe the BJD hobby in 5 words!
Versatile, beautiful, crafty, expensive, addictive, lol!

4. You are the girl behind the popular BJD clothing shop, Atelier Momoni. How did it start?
Making clothes for my first doll, called Momoni. I took some pics, shared on forums and some people asked me if I were willing to sell those clothes and it started. It's been almost ten years in the hobby since that moment, with a lot of nice customers, friends and nice experiences along the way. The best thing is that I still want to create new things, feeling like it's the first day.

5. Your work is very much inspired by Mori kei fashion. What attracted you to that particular style?
Since my main inspiration is Japan I follow a lot of their blogs and one of them is absolutely about Mori, like it a lot and the style started to grow on me. About it love the fabrics they use, the comfy fit, soft and natural colors, laces, trims, etc.

6. Aside from Mori kei, what influences your aesthetic?
Atelier Momoni is quite eclectic, like many different styles and add a bit of this a bit of that to my work line. Casual look with a hint of something different and special is what I like and aim for. Denim fabrics always been a challenge too, making tiny jeans that can look alike human real-life ones. Printed t-shirts, add them my own illustrations and designs. A lot of things. Sweet Lolita style is something I really want to make someday.

7. How do you decide on what to create next for your shop? Can you share with us your work process?
Basically I'm always digging into fashion pictures, mostly Asian street fashion and an image of the desired outfit starts growing in my mind. Once the image is clear, I draft it directly into patterns or draw a previous sketch of it. Then I make some tests with dummy fabric to achieve the perfect fit and when everything looks the way I had it in my mind, it is time to sew the final piece. Sometimes the inspiration is ignited by a fabric, sometimes by a doll. The origin tends to vary.

8. Which of your works is your favorite so far?
I really like my Lati Yellow Bunka's series. It's one of the first collections I ever made back in 2006 and people still like them and keep ordering them. That makes me feel great about it. Also the Victorian Era inspired dresses – that retro-modern look appeals me a lot and fits the dolls wonderfully.

9. What item was the most challenging for you to make?
Jeans. It's a constant evolution. Still modifying and retouching to achieve the perfect real-life looking doll jeans. Also jean jackets too. I would love to have access to more thin weight materials and tiny closures, studs and rivets but where I live is almost impossible to find anything in doll scale.

10. Do you have any idols or people you admire in the BJD hobby?
That's easy to answer: Gentaro Araki Sensei. He's the creator of the dolls I love the most. Unoa Quluts been and are my obsession since I got my first BJD. He's an artisan who created an outstanding doll in every aspect, from the beauty of the doll line to the incredible amount technical achievements and improvements many companies used after he created them, and he did it all by himself, I really admire that, his work.

11. What's the best experience you've had in the hobby?
No doubt it's been being at the Doll Show. Since the first one I went, #20, back in 2007, it's always been an amazing experience. It's amazing being surrounded by so many creative people altogether in one place, all great quality, superb and it's remarkable how a lot of different styles, dolls, attitudes and persons can be together in such harmony and peace.

12. Lastly, what can we expect from Atelier Momoni in the future?
More new clothes, more pictures, more accessories, more of everything. My love for BJD doesn't seem to end so I'll keep enjoying and sharing. I would like to make my own doll but that's just and idea that's been going around my mind in the last few years, hope some day can make it real :3

Learn more about Lola and her works by visiting her blog, shop, and Flickr.


  1. It's so great to read this, Atelier Momoni has been a great inspiration for me too, I only sew for myself but secretly I dream of having such skill and so much great ideas and enthusiasm for sewing ^^ And I feel kind of guilty not letting Lola know how much I admire her works, I'm just a happy stalker who's day is brightened if theres a new post :'D

  2. It's never too late to let her know! She's often on Flickr. :)


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