Thursday, December 27, 2012

MonitoManika 2012

Welcome to MonitoManika, ManikaManila's Christmas party, dolly style! The event was held in moderator Trisha's house last December 22, 2012. This year's Monito was the biggest one yet, with over 27 members with 59 dolls in attendance! *u*

Christmas belles Elise, Blair and Leigh. <3

MonitoManika is a play on the Filipino tradition of exchanging gifts (or kris kringle) called monito-monita. Instead of the humans exchanging gifts, it's the dolls who do the gift-giving with each other. Most people gave small trinkets that could be used as props for the dolls, but there were some who gave away gift certificates that we can use to commission these talented members of the community for free! :D

Lots of dollies on the couch! That's only around half of the total number though!

More photos after the jump!

Closer view of the dolls on the couch: Val, Harper, Christiev and Lucy

Axis, Alice, Eva and Night

Night again, with Solara and Kaden

Josh, looking over Violet and Eremiel, who are looking over the kids Hisame, Gwynny, Soleil and Ziggy

Hello, Violet, Soleil and Eremiel!

Reaiah, getting to know newcomer Trish who just arrived last week!

Blue and Sabine, all-dressed up for the occasion.

MSD boys Zephy, Eli, Vidi and Krys

My little cuties Blair and Miette

MSDs on the couch~

Freshly unboxed DC! Whattahottie! *Q*

Dollies on the table: Patch, Frei, Ave and Blake

Dollies everwywhere, even on the piano! There's Chlo, Diva, Starr, Drift, Rose and Littlerose. :'D

Lakan, Zita, Nata and Kouta

MOAR DC. This time with Duckie. ^^

Zephy (yep we had two Zephys in attendance), Lucy (and also two Lucys LOL), Alab and Silas

Skye and Marco

Pretty girl in red, Shiori :3

HUMANS! That empty plate with the cellphone beside it is mine haha! It was empty because...

... OF ALL THE GLORIOUS FOOD. This and the following food porn photos are c/o Nix!

Rice, spaghetti, fried chicken and lumpia! :9


DELESHAZ BUKO PANDAN which I had two servings of haha! :'D

Miette was pretty strict on the jelly bean consumption. @_@
Miette: "I'm watching you!"

Humans again, setting up for the Monito!

Axis got Blair and gave her a Dear Resin GC that we can use to commission the awesome Madz for a dress!

Blair got Alice, who is also owned by Madz. We got her a boater hat. :D

Miette and Harper got each other haha!
Miette gave Harper a boater hat as well, and Harper got Miette a bag full of little trinkets. ^o^
For the complete monito coverage, head over to Nix's blog post!

GROUP SHOT! We were missing a few dolls though since some had to leave early. Click on it for a bigger view.

Closer views of the group shot, above and below.

Sorry for the icky photos. It was dark when I took these. ^^;

Until I get an SD, I don't think I will get over how huge they are. xD

Last shot! ^o^/

Here, have a better, well-lit photo of the MSDs and tinies!
Nata, Vidi, Freya, Leigh, Soleil (in her new wig), Josh, Windrette, Trish, Krys, Elise, Blair, Miette and Eli

The Christmas belles thank you for taking the time to read this post! Happy Holidays!


  1. Yayyy great post, Kass!! <333 :"> Thank you for the piano shot especially, I forgot to get a photo of all the dolls I brought there. =)) Your posts make me want to watermark. I keep forgetting :|

    Here's to another year full of dolly love! :3

  2. Thanks and you're welcome!
    Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! ^o^/

  3. Nick Chou6:35 PM

    Too bad Violet and I couldn't stay to join the photos.

    But oh well! Glad to see you all!

    Belated Merry Christmas!

  4. I took photos of Violet though! ^o^ We love her dress, even if it was kinda revealing haha!

    Belated Merry Christmas to you, too! <3


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