Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland

If you have a Tumblr or Pinterest account, I'm sure you've encountered some of Kirsty Mitchell's work from her Wonderland series. But did you know that aside from the photography and editing, she made all the props and costumes herself? My mind was blown when I learned about that. Look at all the detail and artistry! Amazing.

However, what's more amazing is the story behind this set of photos. It's an ongoing project (3 years long and counting) that she did to honor her late mother, who was the best storyteller she knew. It's a touching story, and you can read about it here. Reading it gave me an even greater appreciation for her work.

Below are some of my favorites from the set:
(You can view the whole gallery here)

The Storyteller

Lady of the Lake

Gammelyn's Daughter, a Waking Dream

Spirited Away

The Beautiful Blindness of Devotion

A Most Beautiful Death

An Ocean of Tales, Till the Shores of Home

The Ghost Swift

The Queen's Armada

Gaia's Promise

Kirsty says there are still six more photos left before the series ends. I can't wait to see the conclusion. I'm sure it will be magnificent.

Source: Kirsty Mitchell's Official Website


  1. yldenfrei11:40 AM

    OMG! Such beauty and dedication! I wish we can pull off something even at least a fraction as awesome as hers with our dolls! ♥♥♥

  2. Nick Chou11:42 AM

    ...I can't even begin to imagine how she made time for all of that. It's amazing how she did all of this. BEAUTIFUL!

    I almost thought these were for dolls but the fact they were for humans makes it even more impressive.

  3. Oh wow, ang galing! Hope this becomes a success because, wow, this much effort, this much sacrifice, just deserves success XD

  4. YES! One day we shall! /o/

  5. To be fair she has a small team that helps her, but still it's amazing!

  6. The series has been recognized all over the world by different magazines and has won accolades. :)

  7. oh god! SO AMAZING! I wish I could do this in the future! such dedication and craftsmanship! This indeed a very inspiring post kass, thanks for sharing it ^o^/


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