Monday, March 4, 2013

Au Milieu des Fleurs

This is a first: Miette appearing on this blog three times in a row! It's her turn to play with the flowers. This time she's channeling an antique doll vibe. Creepy cute, eh?

Giving Miette a new faceup has made me fall in love with her all over again. It's the exact same feeling I felt when I warmed up to Blair's latest faceup when I redid it last year. Hnnn it's such a nice feeling to be able to bring out your dolls' character out with your own hands.


  1. Nick Chou1:34 AM

    I would just like to repeat.

    I have never loved Miette more than I did today.

    Its amazing what you do Kass! It's been a year and you are taking face-up commissions, and you make your dolls look absolutely stunning.

    Am just glad Violet was able to help you out in boosting your skills!

    Also...I now have Mako eye feels. NOOOOO.

  2. Xhanthi Black1:42 AM

    You're right, she does have an antique vibe, though she's also looking very mischevious too, I think it's the brown and violet combo that give it the old world feel. I've always love that colour combo.

  3. Wow. Just wow. The concept, the composition, the colors... Ang galing! I think, with the level of quality and beauty your works exhibit now, you deserve to be ranked among the elite. Haha, ang galing lang talaga! I still wish I can take photographs as nicely as you, nakakainspire XD

  4. She is so cute! And all the pics are so perfect, what an inspiration!

  5. Dude, this is all because of you okay. Thanks, man. <333

  6. Thanks! :D <3 lol mischievous huh? I guess Miette just can't keep it contained. XD

  7. That is TOO MUCH. LOL. Elite?!?! No way! =))
    Thanks though. <3

  8. Thank you so much! :)


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