Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get the Look: The Kim Jaejoong Edition (SD)

Out of all my Kpop biases, the most fashionable one has to be JYJ's Kim Jaejoong. The man can dress in a sack and still look good. Thankfully, that hasn't happened since he is always dressed nicely. I am partial to his more laid-back looks though, like the one pictured below. ^u^

The breakdown of the outfits for our dear resin men can be found at the end of the post.
Hope you guys find this useful!

1. Wig: Model CRWL-28 from Crobidoll, $27
2. Cardigan: Blue Cardigan from SWdoll, $21
3. Shirt: Basic Shirt from Nine9Style, $22
4. Necktie: Necktie from Tata's Paradise, $3.50
5. Bracelets: Silver & Black Bracelets from Tata's Paradise, $5.70
6. Watch: Fashion Watch from Sadol, $13.33
7. Belt: Black Waistband from Tata's Paradise, $4
8. Pants: Casual Trousers from SWdoll, $19.50
9. Shoes: Brogues from SWdoll, $25.48
10. Socks: Cotton Knee Socks from Dollmore, $3

Image Credit: Nii Korea


  1. Galing mo talaga maghanap ng dolly looks, Kass! Obviously, magaling sa window shopping. (gtroll)

    Awesome work, as always! 8Db

  2. Ahahahaha guilty as charged!
    Thanks bb! <3

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh these posts of yours are my favorite, bb. *U* Love the design of this one. <333 Wonderful choices, yo. TvTb

  4. Same comment as nix. :3 Also my favorite of your types of posts. <3
    I love how accurate it is. really.

  5. Thanks! I'm glad you guys enjoy it. :3


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