Saturday, May 11, 2013

Totoro & I

When Cyristine of Cyristine's Creations put up this adorable Totoro hoodie for sale on her Etsy, I knew I had to have it! Good thing a friend of mine decided to hold a mini group order. I got it a couple of weeks ago and Blair's been wearing it since then. I normally change her outfit once every two weeks, but the hoodie's just too cute so I made an exception.

The makkurokurosuke hairpin was made by my friend Madz of Dear Resin. It's part of Blair's Totoro costume from Halloween last year. It looked cute with the hoodie so onto her head it went. ^u^

Please excuse the repetitive shots! I was hoping to do an outdoor shoot of Blair with the Totoros but it's been excruciatingly hot recently and the thought of going outside in the sun sounds like torture. Blair being cute with the Totoros and fake bokeh will have to suffice for now haha!


  1. Irene van 't Zand7:06 AM

    Wahhhh so cute! I adore Totoro stuff~ x3

  2. What an adorable hoodie! It really looks great on Blair. :D

  3. Heather7:55 PM

    I have this same top for SD sized girls and I LOOOOOVE it!!! Some things are just too cute :)

  4. ;w; Thanks! I love it so much on her.

  5. I know right? Cyristine makes the cutest things.


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