Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kawaii in Manila

It's been a gloomy week here in the Philippines. A huge storm decided to make the country its temporary home and it has left so much destruction in its wake. These are trying times, but Filipinos are tough people, so we'll definitely persevere. If you'd like to help out, you can donate to the Philippine Red Cross here.

Lucky for us, the area where we live in was spared from the floods. I just spent the past few days cooped up at home, which was fine because I'm a homebody anyway lol. I also got to spend some much-need time with the dollies, yay! Having them around definitely made my days brighter.

Speaking of brightening things up, if you're in the Philippines and you're into all things ~*kawaii*~, do check out Kawaii in Manila! They are having a Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop this September 14, packed with the most sugoi activities that every Japanophile will love. For more details, visit their Facebook page or check out the poster below.


  1. How are you and your girls doing? This weather is making me feel really lethargic all over, I can't wait to see the sun again * A * Hope you and your girls are keeping warm at home!

    Haaa, I feel really iffy about this workshop > 3 < Even if the idea and the heart is there, P5000 is just.. hmm. Oh well. Good luck to them though~!

  2. We're doing fine over here, thankfully. Just a few leaks here and there but nothing serious. How about you guys?

    Yeah I know what you mean. I normally enjoy the rain but this is too much. x_x

    ...LOL haha I was surprised at the fee, too. It's steep, but hopefully it's worth it. :P

  3. Kaila1:45 PM

    Wow! Thank you so much for this! Ang cuteeeeeee! <3 - Kaila of Kawaii in Manila

  4. Whee glad you liked it Kaila! :D


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