Thursday, November 21, 2013

ManikaManila Tiangge 2013 + People's Choice Award!

So after 10 million years, I finally have a proper blog post! XD

Last October 26, ManikaManila held its annual Tiangge (which means "bazaar" in Filipino). It's not quite a convention yet, but we're getting there! This year, the event was sponsored by popular BJD clothing brand, Doll Hearts!

Me and some of my closest friends in the hobby were among the concessionaires. I sold mostly doll accessories like scarves, necklaces, headbands and books. The books were a hit! I managed to make a good profit, which was awesome, but what was even more awesome was that I won People's Choice for the Photography Contest! YAY!

Check out that fabulous logo and website by the equally fabulous Nix!

People's Choice Award, awwyis! Miette and her friends definitely worked their magic. 8D

Me and my booth. It's a littly messy, but homey! I was going for the shabby chic look. ^^

The event was intimate, but it's showing a lot of promise. The Philippine BJD community sure is growing fast. 8D I'm super proud of my community. Great job guys! For more photos of the event, click on ahead.


Another view of my booth. It's a little crowded lol. I might have to get a bigger table next year.

My girls <3

Here we have Blair, modeling some of my merchandise, namely the headband, scarf and book! x3

And here's Miette... just sitting pretty and looking cute as heck. xD

A mori-themed booth wouldn't be complete without lace scarves!

BOOKS! These sold like hotcakes. I only have 8 out of 50 left! My boyfriend and I worked hard on these. *^*

Spikes and florals are all the rage in fashion right now, so I thought, why not make them for dollies?

I sold necklaces in several designs and sizes, too! I still have a couple of these left.

My twin Demi and my good friend Nick let me borrow their Idril and Noiz to model the SD stuff I sold.
Of course, my booth wouldn't be complete without actual not really fireflies on the table!

Usamimi for all doll sizes!

Demi's Macaron girls, Leigh and Elise, were also in my booth! They fit right in the concept. <3


Indeed we were!

I regret bringing the wrong lens. I couldn't properly capture how grandiose this display was! This won 1st place in the Booth Display contest, and rightfully so!

Yuki's Den is a staple in most anime conventions here in Manila, so it was great to have them during the Tiangge, too!

The lovely ladies of the ♥ami♥ booth

Colorful beanies in different sizes~


Chic bags for dolls by Catherine Jannelle

It's the Dollshe display!

Look at all the pretty boys *u*

So regal, these guys.

Jhul, Ricci and Arvie aka the freaking dream team!!! So much talent in this group ok?

Lovely prints by Nix of Dollstars!

The Dollstars booth <333

Lipslock/MK's Chico-chan! SHE'S SO CUTE ASKJDFAALKSJD ;A;

Dice and Ninon, the lovely couple from Ribbonfiend's booth! I wish I had a decent photo because this booth was SO PRETTY.

Anj/Propertyoftheuchiha's ickle bebe wood apple stump thing fit right in with the flora. ;w;

There were toy booths in the mix, too!

R├Ęgne de L'art's  booth was gorgeous, too. *u* I'm glad to be part of a talented bunch!

This dress hanger cage was an attention-grabber!

A minifee Karsh on display! First time I saw one in person.

Hellew to my sister! She helped me out during the event. :D Here she is, repping for Kawaii PH.

Anj's Quackie arrived after a bit to help sell some Lati usamimis! > u<

Tanya's Stowee helped us out as well. Thank you bbs! <3

Project Dollicessories was right next to us. Check out their cute Japanese tea-time display. :D

And here's their merch: headphones, headbands and bracelets.

Another neighbor of ours was the display booth, Marionette Sanctuary. PULLIPS! 8D

This booth sold matching dolly & owner accessories. Very cute idea. :D

More toys! Some BJD owners collect other toys, after all.

Attendees sitting pretty with their dollies :3

You can never be too tired to pose with your dollies XD

Some of the dolly shoppers!

This Unoa caught my attention. I just LOVE Unoas. *u* Her faceup is by the talented Nomyens!

ManikaManila moderator, at your service!

The Manikako booth sold blank ragdolls that you can customize. Profits go to funding children's art workshops.

The Mistula booth sold matching dolly and owner shirts.t

The Mistula crew!

Manx and Uno


Red Lobo :D

Of course, there were food booths, too! Noms!

Madz of Dear Resin and her bf Bernard. They are so cute hihihi. <3

The newest addition to the Dear Resin crew, Ellie!!! x3

The always pretty Alice, repping the Dear Resin booth.

A Delf Juri cosplaying as both Deadmaster and a member of the Survey Corps guarded the Doll I Am booth. :'D

And a Delf Dark Soo cosplaying as Black Rock Shooter took photos lol XD

Clothing by Doll I Am! I can vouch for their quality. :D

And the Best Logo award goes to.... XDDDD

Babies Fionn and Fleur manning the Chevers booth!

Kuri of Half-a-Tzara sold summery clothing at the Eternal Summer Shop! Here's Maven and Lumie modeling some of her creations.

Ichigo, Jove and Fenris were there to help, too!

Lucy and Auber looked comfy inside those dolly pouches that Kuri made as well. :3

With pretty marshals helping out at the event, how can it not be a success? /shot 8D

DOLL HEARTS PRIZES WHEEEEEE \o/ (photos onward by Nix!)

And here are the winners! First place for the booth display contest went to the most talented trio EVER!

For the photo contest, the grand prize went to Jhul and Jan and I tied for People's Choice! You can view the entries here!

And that's it for this year's Tiangge report! This was a tiring, stressful, yet very fun and fulfilling experience. I'm looking forward to next year's event! 8D


  1. Aaaa thank you for the lovely and pretty much complete coverage, Kass!! ;v; So glad you enjoyed the event despite all the stress. Let's do better next year! X)

  2. Heather LittleBearries9:59 PM

    Oooh, it looks like you guys had such a great time... and you got to see Mistula in person, I'm so jealous!!!!

  3. We sure did! :D haha I didn't know you were a Mistula fan. :)

  4. You're welcome! > 3< And thank you so much for your hard work and effort! <333


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