Friday, February 28, 2014

Le Bunny Bleu Love

Currently, no other shoe shop makes my heart thump faster than Le Bunny Bleu. Their romantic vintage image and aesthetic fit perfectly with my personal style, it makes me cry. I also love how they focus on comfort without compromising style.

To be honest though, until recently, I could only stare and weep at LBB's gorgeous shoes because their prices are a little on the steep side. Imagine my joy when they did a 50% discount sale a couple of weeks ago! I went crazy and bought THREE pairs all in one go! I got the Beige Allen Loafers, Black Sina Flats and the Navy Elvin Oxfords. (pictured above)

So now my feet are super happy! But the funny thing about my feet is that they're never contented lol. Below are some other styles I'm looking to buy when the opportunity arises!

Grey Robyn Loafers, Brown Maya Lace Boots, Brown Lorena Lace Boots, Black Attina Hidden Heel Sneakers

Like what you see? Hop on over to the nearest Le Bunny Bleu branch near you (preferrably when they're on sale lol)! They currently have branches at East Wing Shangri-la Plaza and Glorietta 5 (Metro Manila, Philippines only).

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