Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rabbito by Mall

May Ann Licudine, also known as Mall, is one of the artists I admire the most. I love how colorful, whimsical and exquisitely detailed her works are. She is mostly a painter, but she has ventured into other media as well, one of which is making custom toys.

Isn't it cute? :D
Mall's most recent custom toy is a modified Teddy Troops, which she turned into "Rabbito" for one of her clients. I love it! Makes me want to commission her as well. Sigh. If only I could afford it. For now, I will have content myself by staring at her works through my computer screen.

Photos by Mall
Here's her progress video which, by the way, she shot and edited as well. She's one VERY talented lady, isn't she? Love her.

Rabbito from Mall on Vimeo.

You can find out more about Mall and her work at her blog, deviantArt, and Flickr.


  1. omg she's awesome!

  2. catchingfirefliesblog11:14 AM

    She is. She really is. ;w;


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