Saturday, February 11, 2012

K-pop inspired dolls

A huge percentage of BJD owners and enthusiasts are anime/manga fans, but there's also a growing number of those who are K-pop fans. I happen to belong in both categories! ^o^b

Majority of doll companies are based in South Korea, so it's no wonder there are dolls and doll accessories being produced that bear striking resemblances to famous K-pop idols. Of course, there are also fans who model their dolls after their favorite idols. Here are some that I found:

Souldoll Tae's promo photos look a lot like Big Bang's T.O.P. Check out those eyebrows!

LUTS has wigs inspired by infamous Kpop idol hair. This one looks like BEAST's Hyunseung's hair from their Shock days.

From LUTS again, this time taking inspiration from SHINee's Key's hair from the 2009, Year of Us era.

Dream of Doll's styling for this A&D looks very much inspired by another SHINee member, Jonghyun.

The owner of this Volks Heath did an AMAZING job remaking TVXQ's Jaejoong's Mirotic album photo.

Doll Granado's V-01 looks like it was sculpted to look like TVXQ's Yunho. The eyes, nose, lips and face shape tell it all.
I also remember seeing Super Junior's Sungmin carrying around a BJD of himself in their movie, Attack on the Flower Boys!

Looks like a Volks. Can you tell the sculpt?
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  1. Ricci4:44 PM

    Last 2009 Limwha Doll released a Male sculpt that REALLY LOOKS LIKE Lee Min Ho I think same year of Boy Over FLowers hype... 

  2. Omg that photo comparison you showed... The similarity is undeniable. xD

  3. HAHAHAHAHA oh you. :P

  4. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan1:31 AM

    oh me indeed.


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