Friday, February 10, 2012

Kidrobot's Dunnys

Last year, I bought my first Dunny. It was a Tara McPherson from the Fatale Series. When I opened the box, I remember the shop owner saying, "ooh it's a Tara! Wanna trade?" Good thing I refused. Apparently mine was one of the more sought-after ones!

TaraMcPherson's Dunny from the Fatale Series.
I had no idea these little guys were a bit of a hot commodity among young artist cliques. I had just bought mine on a whim because I was attracted by the packaging and the thrill of not knowing what's in the box. Now I know better, and now I want more!

Below are some of my favorite Dunnys from previous releases. What are yours?

Anna Chambers

Tara McPherson



Tad Carpenter

(photos from kidrobot)


  1. Trust_downfall2:28 AM

    Wooooow... *O* I love them. They're super adorable. :3

  2. Hahaha try collecting! :'D

  3. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan12:08 AM

    I remember Gachas when I see these little adorable things. Rather sad (or maybe not) that the boxed collectible figures culture didn't boom into the mainstream here. It's like 3D TCG and whats not to love about that?!? XD

  4. I don't think these vinyl art toys are "mainstream" already. They're too expensive and not a lot of people will appreciate the different art styles.

  5. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan1:30 AM

    Kaya nga its rather sad. Then again, its really a niche market of sorts. Would be fun though if they were more easily accessible, especially in the Philippines.


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