Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get the Look: Chocolate Almond Truffles (SD)

Here's a cool coordinate for SD boys that reminds me of chocolate truffles. Haha, who would have thought that layering jackets would look chic? I guess it depends on the person wearing it. Ah well, I'm pretty sure your doll can carry the look. ;)

I should do looks for guys more often. It's a lot easier! XD

Photos from YesStyle and Taste of Home


  1. WOOT!  I abosolutely love this! :D  I might try this one on Jared one of these days. :D

  2. Awesome! Go do it! Or... your mom. LOL! Anyway, do share pics if you do! :D

  3. Love it!  Might try this with Aahil...

  4. Ooooh exciting! :'D


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