Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Noriter Mini-Meet!

Last Saturday, I met up with some friends from ManikaManila for a mini-meet at Café Noriter in Taft. We talked about dolls, work, life and lulz! Fun times. :) It's too bad I wasn't able to bring a camera (no food shots, boo!), but Nix and Mel allowed me to post and edit some of theirs for this blog. Thanks guys!

Blair loves her new bunnies. And Little Rose. :3
More photos under the cut!

Blair chilling out with her bunnies, Kai, and Little Rose.
That one bunny has taken a liking to Kai's head.
At least Kai doesn't seem to mind. :P
Souldoll bros Josh and Ceth.
I like Josh. He always seems so relaxed. XD
Hello, Ceth. :3
Little Rose has one bunny.
Now he has two! 8'D
Mel's handsome boys, Frajiv and Dietrich.
Dietrich's head was itchy. Frajiv didn't care. LOL. /lamecaption
Kai again, posing like a boss, ha!
My girl. <3
* 3* So pretty~! I really love that little smile of hers.
Bunny says, "'Til next time!"


  1. Blair's new faceup is just awesome, Kass. Goodjob. And I do so envy you all for being able to get to Noriter. : ( I badly want to go too. <3 I love all the photos and the vintage feel. <3
    Thanks for the awesome post. Next time, I'll visit hopefully with you guys.

  2. ;_; Thanks, Anj. That means a LOT coming from you. I know I still have a lot to improve on though.

    YESSSS you should go to the next meet! Hopefully you won't be so busy when that comes. T_T

  3. Nix De Pano1:01 PM

    I am happy you like Littlerose. X};;; and we love Blair and her bunnies! ♥ :3 moar Noriter dates!

  4. I love him. So squishable. ;_; Nakakatempt magka-YOSD LOL!

  5. Nanzsumire2:51 PM

     Blair is so pretty! i love her dress! i'm sorry i missed the noriter meet but there's always next time :) ( Simone and Lily love that place.)

  6. Thanks Nanz! The dress is from Foxybrowny. :)
    I hope to see you again next meet, too! ^o^


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