Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get the Look: Beastly God (SD)

Today is the birthday of my biggest Kpop bias, Son Dongwoon of BEAST! I have been wanting to have a reason to post this flawless being on my blog, but I never had one until now. I've always loved this photo shoot of his, and I thought it would make a nice inspiration for a Get that Look post. It's simple, but quite trendy and stylish. Hope you and your resin boys like it!

Photos from BEAST's Mastermind photo album
2. Fringe Shirt: Grooming-F set from Sadol (but you only need the scarf & shirt), $56
Cheaper alternative: Peacock Tee from Iplehouse, $17
4. Shoes: Black Boots from Alice's Collections, $15

Happy birthday, Godwoon!



  1. Lunablake aka Edith1:46 AM

    You are so fabulous this is exactly what I needed for my boy Haru. You made a perfect blog with everything I could want and need. I only hope I can reach something similar! Keep it up!! <3

  2.  I'm glad you liked this post! Good luck with your own blog. :D


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