Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest Loves: A Dash of Punk and Geek

It may not be obvious judging by this blog, but I am actually a tomboy with a penchant for studs, bones and the color black. The tomboy side of me has been dormant ever since I rediscovered my love for florals and pretty things through the mori girl style, but with the release of Diablo III, I can feel her trying to break free again. xD

Even though I only recently got Miette, I've been pining for a YO-sized boy. I'm currently eyeing Littlefee Chiwoo. I think I'm gonna turn him into a rambunctious geek! I'll probably try to take him home by next year. Fingers crossed!

1. Diablo III from Blizzard
2. Spiked Headband from Anni J├╝rgenson
3. Littlefee Chiwoo from Fairyland
4. Crossbone Necklace from OS Accessories
5. Wig model CDW-43 (Cream) by LUTS
6. Battles of Westeros Core Set
7. Polibolha Shoes (Black) from Melissa


  1. Nick Chou1:11 PM

    I think I want the headband. 
    and maybe Diablo...although I might try the original just to see if it's my cup of tea. 

  2. Diablo 3 is better when you play it with other people. If only it wasn't so expensive! ;n;

  3. I think I'm with you on that, I love studs and black and attitude but I'm also attracted to the feminine touch of pastels, laces and florals... omg we have dual personality disorder orz, that means we're cool! xDDD

  4. Hahaha yes, definitely! *fistbump*


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