Thursday, June 14, 2012

Theme Thursday: Pomeranian Love

The Pomeranian is one of my favorite dog breeds. Look how fluffy they are! I just want to pet and hug and squish them forever~♥♥♥

I've always wanted a pet dog, but I don't have the space nor the resources to care for one. Maybe when I have my own place, I'll have a spritely Pom to brighten up my home. :3

1. Sir Puffington 2. raindrops keep fallin' on my head 3. coming home soon
4. colors 5. can you see me? 6. Birthday boy
7. Furball, come! 8. In and Out of Sleep 9. Tranquility


  1. Xhanthi3:25 AM

    Eep! So cute! My husband loves poms, he really wants one. :D

  2. Lucky you! Are you planning to adopt one soon? :3


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