Monday, August 13, 2012

Ten Things About Blair

Got tagged by some friends on Flickr to do yet another BJD meme! I was reluctant to do this because I've stopped treating my dolls as characters with stories. They still have personalities though, so I thought the meme was worth a shot. ^^

Ten Things About Blair

1. She is named after Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Blair also happens to mean "field" in Scottish Gaelic. I thought it was a perfect name for a mori girl.
2. She is Eurasian. Her exact ethnic heritage is unknown, but she considers herself 100% Pinoy.

3. She is asexual and may also be slightly aromantic.
4. She loves sweets. Cupcakes are her favorite. She will eat those super cute cupcakes without remorse.

5. She is a Virgo, which is an earth sign. Yet another mori girl reference!
6. Despite her shy and sweet disposition, she actually has a thing for the macabre, especially animal skeletons.

7. She has perpetual wanderlust, but she tries to hide it for my sake. ^^;
8. Her hands go to her hair or her bottom lip when she's thinking, nervous, or being coy.

9. She is mute, but not deaf. No one knows how or why. She somehow manages to communicate with her pets and me just fine though. Her eyes are very expressive.
10. She really wants to grow a garden, but she sucks at gardening. She takes care of cactii instead. :)

I tag anyone who's interested. :D


  1. Nick Chou1:04 AM

    So I read #9 as "her eyes are very expensive"

    I must be sleepy.

    If ever my sister bakes cookies and cupcakes you are all invited over here. XD

  2. LOL Yay! We'll take you up on that invitation some day haha!

  3. Oh, Blair~ You so prettyyyyy :3 <3
    *squees at cute little cactii* :)))

  4. Hee~ thank you Tanya. :3 <333

  5. Whoa! I never knew she was mute 'A' That is something. And the thing about her being fond of animal skeletons is something totally new, too.


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