Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten Things About Miette

It's Miette's turn! ^o^

Ten Things About Miette

1. She is French but does not know how to speak the language. She can only speak in English and Filipino.
2. Don't let those big doe eyes fool you! She is quite the prankster!

3. Like Blair, Miette also has a sweet tooth. She likes candy the most, particularly the gummy ones.
4. She doesn't want to grow up because "ewww boobs"!

5. She can be quite the bully, but she'd never really harm anyone. :')
6. She is obsessed with bunnies and anything that has a bunny motif.

7. Her favorite My Little Pony is Pinkie Pie! She loves to mimic how Pinkie talks and bounces around. xD
8. She hates the taste of pork, but she likes bacon.

9. She is afraid of the dark.
10. Her dream is to find a leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


  1. One day, I should introduce Miette to Ichigo's rabbit form XD

  2. PrincessVictoria9:20 PM

    Oh yay, I love Pinky Pie too :D

  3. Seaweedkisses6:55 AM

    she's so cute! i'm starting to look into getting a bjd of my own. finding the right sites and places is starting to get me dizzy. I love these dolls, however. So beautiful with their own unique personalities.

  4. Hehe, yeah. I personally like Fluttershy and Rarity. XD

  5. I can relate! I'm still relatively new to the hobby myself. It's crazy but fun. <3


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