Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 21 + Leeke World Art Wig Review

Blair's birthday gift (c/o Ryan, teehee ^u^) arrived a day after her actual birthday. Sweet! I was expecting it to arrive by the end of September. Imagine my surprise when it was delivered to my office yesterday afternoon. I wanted to check it out but I was afraid of inspecting it in the office. xD

Touch of Pink

As soon as I got home, I tried it on Blair. I was worried that it was too pink, but it's not bad actually. It really suits her new face up! I wanted it to be a little creamier and more brownish, but eh, you can't really expect handmade things (especially art wigs) to look exactly like their promo photos. There are some brownish/cream parts, but it's not really close to how it was presented on their site.

Here's a comparison shot of the wig I have and one of the promo photos on the art wig's product page on Leeke World:

That's quite a difference, but it's still a gorgeous wig.

Am I disappointed? Just a little. Leeke World's quality has been going down recently, but I've gotten luckier with their simpler wigs. I guess it would be best to just purchase those instead of the heavier styled ones. ;)

Final rating on the Art Wig W127:

Color: 4/5
Despite the difference between the wig that I got and the promo photos, the wig's color is still a lovely blend of pink and blonde, with some parts dyed brown and dark pink.

Softness: 4/5
The wig is very soft and easy to maintain, as long as you take good care of it.

Durability: 4.5/5
The wefts are sewn well and it doesn't seem like it's prone to hairfall.

Promo photo accuracy: 2.5/5
The style is accurate but the color difference is very obvious. Too pink!

Overall rating: 3.75/5


  1. Nick Chou12:26 PM

    ugh agreed with Leekeworld's wigs. I think am going to avoid buying the complicated hairstyles unless am okay with the risk.

  2. Nick Chou12:41 PM

    Hay leekeworld has such wonderful colors but I cannot trust them with accuracy. lovely art wig though!!

  3. Yeah I feel the same way. It's too bad since they have a lot of nice wigs. :(

  4. Sveidi1:38 PM

    Coloring aside it looks very lovely the texture of it looks quite realistic like she leaned and sat on it, I think it looks very nice on her.

  5. That's actually what happened: I just plopped her on my bed and took photos, lol. xD
    Thanks. :)

  6. I like how you did a review for it! * w * )
    It looks great on Blair nonetheless! ♥

  7. I haven't seen many bjd blogs do it, so I thought I might as well since this hobby involves so much risk. @n@
    Thanks dear!

  8. Well, glad both of you enjoyed the wig XD

  9. Heehee she's still wearing it! X] Thank you for the gift!!!


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