Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy birthday, my deer Blair!

I can't believe it's September 2 already. Time flies by so fast. Blair has been with me for a year already! How surreal. It feels like it was only yesterday when I was still staring at all the pretty Minifee Miyus on Flickr. And now, here she is... *sniffles* I'm so happy! TTATT

To celebrate the occasion, I bought her her favorite: A CUPCAKE! It's a tiny thing, but it's as huge as a cake in her size. That didn't stop her from devouring it after this shoot though, haha! Love this girl so much.

The birthday girl, all dressed up and pretty

Miette wanted in on the action, too!

So did the bunnies lol xD

Nick's Violet was with us to restrain Miette celebrate as well. :3

My giiiiiirl, huhuhu. Sometimes I can't believe she's mine. ;u;

Le yummeh cupcake

Le hungreh Miette :U

Sorry, Miette, that cupcake's not for you!

Blair obviously does not want to share. Cupcakes are one of the few things she's selfish with. :P

Omnomnom! :9

All gone! Haha, glad you liked it, my deer.

Managed to take this photo before it went bye-bye. So cute. ^u^

Happy birthday, Blair! I can't wait to celebrate another one with you. :)


  1. Nick Chou3:02 PM

    I nearly read the last one as "with another one of you". XD //signs of foreshadowing

    Happy birthday Blair! You look adorable in your outfit! Hope you have a great day today! That cupcake looks scrumptious!

  2. Pfffft. xD

    Thank you, Nick! 8D

  3. Anj Tan4:24 PM

    ... Blair bear! Happy birthday, dear.. :3 i hope you enjoyed that. Poor miette looks like she really wanted soe. Aww little bb, :(( nonetheless, it's blair's day, so let her have it this time! Hahaha <3

  4. BLAIIIRRRRR~ Happy happy birthday bby!! ♥ * 3 * )
    Forever inlove with her current faceup and that cutie smile!
    U SO PRETTY BBY~ ♥ ♥

  5. We had 5 spare cupcakes for this shoot, so Miette was still able to have some, don't worry. :))

    Thank you, Anj! <333

  6. D'awww thank you Demi, both for the greeting and the photos you took of Elise with the cupcakes. ;w;

  7. Xhanthi Black10:25 PM

    LOL poor Miette, she looks so desperate! hehe

  8. We had extra cupcakes for the shoot, so she was able to have some after. XD

  9. Happy birthday, pretty Blair~ Hope you had a great one! <3

    Awesome photos right tharr, Kass! =))) <333

  10. Thank you so so much Tanya! ;u;

  11. Beautiful photos >< Happy birthday to Blair!


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