Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 22: As I Fall

Nope, this post is not about every BJD owner's worst nightmare. See, our local BJD community, ManikaManila, is running a themed photo activity. This month's theme is "Autumn", hence the title. No falling dollies over here, just a lame attempt at wordplay...

Click for a larger view

And pretty Blair photos! Okay, obviously none of these are groundbreaking but I am quite proud of these shots. It was one of those rare shoots where the lighting is just right, so I barely had to edit these shots! When it comes to photography, I prefer minimal editing. I like my photos to look as natural as possible. If you see any of my photos heavily edited, that means I had a bad day, LOL!

Since I live in a tropical country, I can only dream of experiencing Autumn/Fall. Hopefully one day I'll be able to see red and orange leaves and wear those fabulous coats and scarves! For now, I'll have to content myself with mimicking the atmosphere of Fall through photos and wearing light cardigans. XD

Speaking of fall, I don't know how many times I've said this but I really really really love this girl, especially now with her new face up. Gods, I'm so smitten right now. Have you ever experienced the feeling of falling in love over again with your doll? Buh. ;____;


  1. Nick Chou2:39 PM

    Blair is totally in the zone with this theme. I love it!

    huhuhuh this is a really good photoshoot Kass. I'm so proud of you! Blair would not have become this lovely without your hard work!

  2. TToTT Aww thank you bb!!!

  3. Hnggghhh I love this set, Kass. ♥ Blair has really bloomed under your loving care. ;u; And I do know the feeling. It's wonderful. TTwTT

  4. Waahh thank you Nix. ;A;
    Ughh never thought it was possible to love her even more. Ahuhuhu. *clings*

  5. Xhanthi Black9:53 PM

    She is such a sweetie. I'm so jealous of her wardrobe, she has many nice clothes to wear! lol I know what you mean about falling in love with your dolly over and over again, I do this with Fig a lot, actually I do this with all my dolls, that's how I know to keep them :)

  6. Thank you! ;w;
    I admit, I love to shop for her. It's a guilty pleasure of mine LOL.
    And I like what you said about knowing how to keep dolls. ^^

  7. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan11:29 PM

    Wow, and you said minimal editing? Amazing as always Kass XD I wish I can take photos as well as you... @ o @

  8. It was one of those lucky days. *u* Thanks!


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