Sunday, September 16, 2012

I finally caught Fireflies!

LOL Pardon the joke. I just had to do it because of what Ryan gave to me for my birthday. It's a firefly jar! It's the best gift I've received this year. So perfect. Look at how pretty it is in action! ♥u

It's not really a firefly jar, of course. It's a solar-rechargable lantern called Dreamlights, which has several LEDs that flicker like real fireflies. The fireflies glow when it gets dark or when you shake the jar. Cool right?

Dreamlights can be purchased through QUIRKSph if you're living in the Philippines or through ThinkGeek for other countries.


  1. Best present ever~! <3

  2. Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan11:21 PM

    >.< glad you liked my gift XD

  3. Mijbil Teko4:19 AM

    So cool! :) I want one to entertain my Pukifee!
    Big hugs from an Italian girl in Sweden!

  4. Thank you again!!! :D

  5. Hi and hugs back all the way from the Philippines! 8'D


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