Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 24: Gray Gaze

I fell in love with the Miyu sculpt because I thought it looked the cutest and the most cheerful of all the Minifee female sculpts. My original plan for Blair was for her to be the typical cutesy mori girl, but as time progressed, she turned into someone more enigmatic. I never thought those big, innocent Miyu eyes could convey this much mystery. I wonder if I will ever figure her out.


  1. Nick Chou10:48 AM

    I agree! It's interesting how dolls fashion tastes changes over time. Always looking forward to see what Blair will wear next

    Love the look!

  2. DAT Headband! XD Yeah, I agree, those eyes are really... recondite... especially with the face-up you did for her XD

  3. Yeah that's so true. Thanks!

  4. It suits her though. <3


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