Monday, November 5, 2012

Mall's Second ACEO Release

My all-time favorite artist, May Ann Licudine aka Mall, released her second batch of ACEO pieces last October 22, 2012. I was ready to snag one that day, but I got distracted by work and missed out on the ones I wanted to get. FAIL. I'll have to content myself with just staring at the pieces from my computer screen again. (_ _)

Below are my favorites from the hundred-and-one pieces she made. For the complete set of ACEO pieces, you can read her blog post about it. :)

You can find out more about Mall and her work at her blog, deviantArt, and Flickr.


  1. AMAZING! I like the first and the second to the last, but all of them are just individually amazing!

  2. I know!!! And these are just small paintings. They're so detailed. T_T I feel really bad for missing out on these.


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