Friday, November 23, 2012

Solilor: Lolita & Casual Clothing for Less (CLOSED)

Solilor is a Hong Kong-based online clothing shop that offers a wide selection of both lolita and chic, casual clothing for girls at great prices. The name "Solilor" is a portmanteau of "solid" and "color". The shop started out by offering clothes in solid colors at first, but since then they have expanded into more colors and styles, most recent of which is lolita fashion.

Just one of the many lolita dresses available at Solilor!

As a treat, Solilor is giving away a 10% discount code to all my lovely readers! Starting today, you can use the code LOLITAJC when you purchase from Solilor. The discount code is applicable to all Solilor products: lolita dresses, fashion clothing, and accessories. What's better is that shipping is FREE worldwide! Cool right?

My personal picks from Solilor ♥

The discount code is only valid for 15 days, so make sure to use it! Enjoy your shopping! :D


  1. OMGGGG lovely stufffffff ; A ; ) ♥

  2. Are you sure this company is legit? I'm not completely sure but I'm quite certain some of their stock photos are stolen.

  3. Uhhh I think so? I don't know. I'm not into lolita, so I don't know what's legit or not. It's under your discretion whether you buy from them or not. ^^

  4. I really don't want to appear mean :) (I love your blog) it's just that there are various internet shops who try to scam people looking for lolita clothing (meaning they steal the pictures of other (legit) companies and if you order from them you sometimes get a terrible something which has no resemblance with the original picture). I don't know anything about solior but I recognized one of the pictures which is originally from Infanta, a taobao brand. I just would be careful - also because if you look at the price of the dress solior sells it for around 180$ while Infanta sells it for roughly 77$.

  5. Thanks a lot the for the head's up. :) I'll leave your comment here for people to see so they can judge for themselves. ^u^


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