Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sudden Dollsplosion!

I have six dolls at home all of a sudden!

L-R: Miette, Kaden, Blair, Nál, Yuna and Kiara

My four new housemates aren't mine though! Apart from Kaden, who's only here to visit, the other three girls are here for face ups (There is also another girl, Cosette, who isn't pictured here since she's completely blank and naked). Yep, I have decided to open free face up slots locally to start my face up portfolio. Aaahh wish me luck! :D


  1. They're like one big happy family, haha

  2. Anea Roshyl8:41 PM

    Ooh! I'm sure you'll get better at it! Blair's & Miette's faceups are always so lovely. Aaliyah & I wish you luck!

  3. Thanks a lot, Anea! :)


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