Friday, November 2, 2012

Violet's Second Face Up

A few months ago, my friend Nick had her doll, Violet, stay over with me and the girls so that I could redo her face up. She wanted Violet to look more mature. I was happy to oblige! Violet's old face up was also my work. After doing her new face up, now I can honestly say that I have improved quite a bit! :'D

What a difference! I'm so happy. ;u;

It did take me four tries to get it right. My first attempt had too much blue on her eyelids, which made her look hoochie. The second attempt went awry because I made her eyeliner too thick. The third attempt got wiped because the eyelashes I drew on her sucked. XD

This was old face up I did on her...

...and this is the new and improved Violet!

Finally, my fourth attempt was a success! I'm really happy with how she turned out. I ended up buying a new set of Faber-Castell watercolor pencils because the ones I had (Derwent) were too soft and had a grainy texture, which was not ideal for doing fine lines. I love the color variation of Derwent, but when it comes to drawing detail, I'm sticking to Faber-Castell from now on. ^^

Detail shot. I had the hardest time layering the blue and purple so that it would show on camera!

Violet is home with her mom now, and I'm glad she's happy with the result! Doing face ups can still be frustrating, but I find it very rewarding. I think I might open a few slots for free face ups for practice some time in the near future. Fingers crossed! ^o^

All grown up, b'aww! ;u;


  1. Nick Chou1:10 AM

    You know I've always loved the old look you did on her, but putting her photo of her old face up next to the one now makes me realize "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE IMPROVED SO MUCH."

    The detail with her eyebrows, the eyeshadow, among others are lovely! And so far the people who I've shown it too all say that you did a really good job and they love what you did.

    Thank you thank you so much for this face-up!

  2. You improved sooooooooo much bb. ;o; Such a great leap from the old faceup!!! The effort you put into this is inspiring. :) You wanted to improve...and wow, improve you did!!! *_* Proud of you. <3

  3. you should offer make up slots, but not free! your work is a good quality one :) maybe not expensive at first but surely not free

  4. Such improvement! You inspire me to do Sven and Eriadne's face-ups once again. :D :D :D WONDERFUL JOB, Kass! ^^

  5. I used to think her old face up was ok, too. But after taking those photos... I realized she was really due for a make over. XDDD

    Thank you bb. And you're more than welcome. TToTT

  6. Aww Nix, you're making me cry! ;A;
    Thank you. I still have a ways to go. <333

  7. Aww, thank you. ;w;
    I'm not sure people will have interest with my current skill level yet. I'll probably only do a few slots, then start charging after that. ^^

  8. Thank you! Yay, do share pics when you do redo them!

  9. Super galing mo na Kass! :'D ♥

  10. Waaah haha grabe ka naman! :)) I still need a lot of practice! But thank you for thinking so bb. <3

  11. Anj Tan6:04 PM

    I think you improved a huge deal. :3 It'll be a huge incline in the beginning as you pick up and hone all the basics. (Especially blending, and how to control your medium for the detailing) -- eventually, you will plateau a little, but when that comes, you will be a great artist. :)
    I think you did great. And your dedication to it shows. <3

  12. Hearing that from you... TToTT
    Thank you... I don't know how many times I've said that, but I really mean it. Your advice and tips have been invaluable. ;^;


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