Monday, December 17, 2012

Get The Look: Hipster Blair Edition (MSD)

It's been aaaaages since I last made a GTL post. Gah! I'm sorry. Please accept my offering of a hipster Blair as an apology?

1. Beanie: thrifted
4. Fur coat: Ask Fur Hood (Camel) from Dollmore, $27
5. Brown top: BB YOSD Clothes from Endless, $35
6. Grey long-sleeved shirt: Part of the Unoa Thankful set from Foxybrowny, $34 (whole set)
7. Floral leggings: Brown Floral Tights (MSD) from Endless, $6
8. Brown lace-up boots: custom-made locally by kanipan

I was getting bored of Blair's usual cutesy mori girl look, so I raided her box of clothes and put together this ensemble. Didn't think hobo-hipster chic would suit her lol! I love it on her now, despite how different she looks form her usual self. ^^

And now I want to get her more pants/leggings. :\


  1. Nick Chou12:53 AM


    The colors are actually still earth colors, so I think you can still pull her off in a Mori fashion. But I can understand why you would want to shift out of the usual style. This is adorable on her! And the wig gives her a bitchy look, which I love. (But I know Blair will always be kind)

  2. It still has a touch of the mori style naman! She looks good in this ensemble! I love it on her! ^ 3 ^ ) ♥~

  3. Hipster Blair is way to adorable! :D <3

  4. Thanks a lot! <333

  5. Yay good to know! ^o^ Thank you, Twin!

  6. BITCHY. =)) Yeah she's anything but bitchy. XD Thank you Nick!


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