Thursday, February 7, 2013

Haru & Mina

I am head over heels in love with photographer Hideaki Hamada's precious photographs of his sons Haru and Mina! Gosh, aren't they the most adorable? I just love the candidness and the storybook quality of the photos. I feel all warm and nostalgic just looking at them.

These are some of my favorites. I hope you like them, too!

Source: Haru & Mina


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness that is the cutest thing evurrrr ;A; They're so squishy lookin and warm and cozy and just...yeah, nostalgic even if I don't know them at all. <333 Wonderful photos of adorable subjects. And it's even more wonderful that they're really the photographer's kids. ;u; Awwwwww X3 thanks for sharing this, Kass. <333

  2. Xhanthi Black1:02 AM

    I saw these on tumblr the other day and omg so cute XD My favourite is them peeking around the fence :)

  3. IKR? Makes me wanna have kids and capture all their precious moments. ;A; Thanks for commenting bb!

  4. Adorable, right? XD I don't wanna have kids, but this is making me rethink!


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