Friday, February 8, 2013

Miette Likes to Move It, Move It!

A few hours before this posting, I was in the mall with Ryan after work hours. We bought milk tea and hung out at the food court for a while. I brought Miette with me, so I took her out and he started doing some crazy poses with her.

I regret not having a more decent camera to capture what ensued (I used my cheapo cellphone instead). I mean... LOOK!

Miette wut r u doin

I think she might be interested in taking up ballet lessons.

I'm still baffled. Take note: she's only on the single-jointed Lati Yellow version 1 body. Miette never poses like that when I play with her! Does this mean she likes Ryan more than me? Say it ain't so!


  1. LOL RYAN HAS CRAZY LATI POSING SKILLS. 8C I envy him. Maybe Miette has a little crush.

  2. What can I say, I guess BJDs just love me >.< Hahaha, kidding! You can do that too! You just need patience and steady hands :p

  3. Oh god plz noe. 8[

  4. Neither of which I have. >_>

  5. Xhanthi Black12:36 AM

    He has the magic touch for sure! She is so cute it hurts XD

  6. Now if it would only rub off on me! :(
    Thanks dear. XD

  7. Nick Chou1:56 AM

    XDD It's amazing.

    It's so annoying but it's amazing!

  8. Exactly my sentiments! XDDD

  9. Oh so cute! >w<

    Maybe you just need a little practice? :)

  10. Hahaha I guess. :P


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