Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ManikaManila's Blind Date Valentine Meet

Last Saturday, I attended ManikaManila's annual Valentine Meet, which was held in Balkan Restaurant, Makati. This wasn't our usual kind of meet though, where we just sat, ate and talked with each other. Instead, we got our dolls paired up by drawing lots!

There were ice breaker questions which  our dolls "answered" to get to know their dates better. Of course, things got interesting. As usual, I'll let the photos do the talking. XD

Incomplete grou shot! We took this late in the day so there were several who went home already.

Blair got paired up with her good pal, Christopher.
(This awesome garden table set is from The 5th Atelier)

And Miette got paired up with Windrette (back shot for now, but you'll see her later)!



It's a good thing they got paired up together. No awkwardness, plus Christopher can do sign language!

Windy and Miette hit it right off with their mutual penchant for sweets and mayhem!

Poor Windy always lost to Miette in Rock, Paper, Scissors! XD

Here are the other participants of the meet: First off, sweet Ave with her date,  the gorgeous Zita.

Handsome Datu and pretty Aeris 

Violet and Shane. They got along pretty well. ;)

Eerie and her date June; Aahil, Naya and Dae (they didn't participate)

Josh having a good time with April and Ceth and Reaiah... well, being awkward LOL.

Spectators! Patch, Makiling, Amihan and Lakan.

More spectators! Younger ones this time. Bituin, Frei and Blake.

Cutie pie Kouta being cute all aloooone.

Cute couple Addie and Jared;  Darling Maven with her date,  Ea.

Kids! Rocky, Nola, Ziggy and Pora.

Sky and Johann ^o^

Ichigo and Robin didn't get along much. She got weirded out. :\

Auber and Maggie, looking like polar opposites (but not really!)

Nao with Lucy (who's a boy btw)

Silas and Jungsoo

Hot couple Endo and Rose didn't join in, and neither did did Fumio and Hunter.

Starr... who's missing his date in this shot. o_O Diva seems to enjoy Jove's company here. XD

Our Singaporean friends say hi! Hunter and Aiden came all the way from Singapore. :D

Azriel cozying up to Alice...

...who already has a boyfriend! Poor Axis! XDDD

Chris and Isha were together that day, but not really. They're... TOGETHER ALONE. :'D

Jared and Adarna

Stunning Mariposa and Li

Ugh I love this guy so much. LAKAN! <333

As I was going around taking photos, this happened!!! O_O Dae and Miette have never gotten along EVER.

I dont' know why anyone thought it was a good idea to let them near each other. XD

Good thing Blair and Violet broke it up quickly. ^^

Afterwards, Demi and I took Windy and Miette out for fresh air. ^o^

Meanwhile, Blair and Christopher continued their lovely (BUT STRICTLY FRIENDLY) chat. 8D

My friend Nick and I split this delicious but super rich lamb stew. It was yummy but we couldn't finish it. :(

Finally, a photo of these two pretty girls together! Blair and Bituin are both mute.  ^u^

Obligatory MSD shot!

Aaaaand obligatory human+doll shot! 'Til next meet! ^o^/
(Photo by Jhul of The 5th Atelier)


  1. Gorgeous photos, Khaleesi!! *u* I hope you guys enjoyed this meet. X) Thanks for being my venue coordinator, too. This wouldn't have been possible without you!!!

    Miette and Windy were the cutest, okey~ *3*

  2. Nick Chou1:11 AM

    Hahaha I love the "STRICTLY FRIENDLY" description.

    Nice photos. The device is awesome.

    We must go back...I NEED TO TRY THE STUFFED BURGER.

    Also, thanks for the photo of Noiz and my unnamed Polar bear! ^_^ Man are they both pale.

  3. Looks like so much fun! We never have so many dolls (or owners) for our meet-ups.

  4. Anastasia Fedorova9:22 AM

    Awesome photos! Beautiful dolls! :)

  5. It was! And aww... maybe some day you can organize a larger one? :D

  6. WE DID! XD And you're welcome! Always happy to help. ^u^

    Heehee thanks! :D

  7. Hahaha well it's true!


    And you're welcome! :D


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