Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wish You Were Here

Blair takes good care of Miette and loves her like a real sister, which Miette reciprocates, but the little girl can't help but miss her mom sometimes.

Sadly, her mom is no longer with us.


This is an entry for my local BJD community's monthly Themes activity. This month's theme is Heartbreak.


  1. Oh my... Just 3 pictures and a minor change in the angle but the emotion... THE EMOTION TT__TT I love it...

  2. Chinatsu Sekine3:14 AM

    Really lovely pictures but so sad.. this emotion. TT^TT

  3. Kstylick3:27 PM

    Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

  4. Such a beautiful set of pictures and so very sad! T_T

  5. Hai I just want to ask... do u accept comixon?? Like face-up??? I want my girl to have a new face up... do u accept one?? And how much

  6. Aww thanks, Tjassi. :')


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