Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interview with Rosen Lied

Rosen Lied is a popular BJD company that hails from South Korea. They are best-known for their unique doll style that is reminiscent of antique porcelain dolls.

I had the privilege to interview the talented GiGiKer and Rollingpumpkin, two of Rosen Lied's artists. GiGiKer is a clothes designer while Rollingpumpkin is both a clothes designer and a faceup artist.

1. How did you discover BJDs?
GGK: I first came to know what BJDs were when I was 21. At that time, it was not possible to buy a BJD from Korea because there weren't so many companies like nowadays, so it was a shock when I first saw them. I love miniatures and BJDs were more than enough to grab my attention. I instantly fell in love in first sight.

2. Did you have artistic training/background before you started working for Rosen Lied?
GGK: Before working with Rosen Lied, I worked alone on my shop and worked with other companies as well.

3. Where does the name Rosen Lied come from and how does it relate to your design aesthetic?
RP: All the staff that started Rosen Lied gathered around and went looking for a name that gives an antique feeling. We came up with many ideas and chose this name. Rosen Lied means 'song of roses' in German. And we don't know if anybody noticed, but our "The One" dolls all have names of music terms. :)

Rosen Lied's design mainly started with old fashioned dresses from the Middle Ages. We looked into many works before 18th century. Before starting Rosen Lied, I worked on modern clothes for boys mostly, so it was very hard for me to change my style.

Outfit designed by Rollingpumpkin

4. What's the concept behind Rosenlied?
RP: The overall concept for Rosen Lied is "Antique".

5. Can you share with us your design process?
GGK: I design clothes so I look into many fashion design books. It has been many years since I graduated college, but most of my designs are based on the books that I studied when I was in college. They have wonderful contents and I can never finish learning from them.

6. Who/what influences or inspires your work?
GGK: I look into many books as I have replied above. Due to marvelous evolution of modern technology, I use internet as much as books now. Fashion design and clothing from Middle Ages are fabulous.

7. What is your favorite sculpt so far?
GGK: Beige and Mango. They are like superstars in Rosen Lied. :)

Monday's Child Mango and Tuesdays' Child Beige

8. What is your reason for calling your lines "Monday's Child", "Tuesday's Child", and "Wednesday's Child"?
RP: We got the idea from the Mother Goose rhyme "Monday's Child". You can also find the rhyme on our manual. Generally, the dolls are categorized by their sizes, so we were looking for something that has sequence and that also sounds good. "Monday's Child" was perfect for the job.

9. Do you have other doll artists you admire? Who?
GGK: When I started creating clothing for BJDs, my favorite artist was Pandora, who made wonderful suits for BJD boys. Her works were my inspiration and she was like a idol to me but now I haven't seen her since she closed her shop.

Now, I personally admire artist Uyuchagongbang. She have her unique style that is so antique. She is incredibly talented and her works are just beautiful every time.

GiGiKer hard at work

10. What's the most fun part of the creating process?
GGK: When I'm on the sewing machine. Designing requires much thinking and work, so actually it is fun sewing things without any thoughts. :)

11. What is your opinion regarding recasts?
RP: Rosen Lied is against all recasts. We believe recasts violate hard work by all the artists.

12. What can we expect in the future from Rosenlied?
RP: We are planning to do what we always have done. Try and create beautiful BJDs and items every time. Please look forward to our updates~ ^^

All photos courtesy of Rosen Lied.


  1. This is amaziiiiing! ♥ They really sound approachable and accommodating! I love GiGiKer's answer when she said she prefers the sewing over designing! Hahaha!! She does both VERY WELL. Such nice people from a nice company!

    Great interview, twinnie! Looking forward for more~! ^^

  2. They are! <3 They were very accommodating while we exchanged emails. :3

    Thank you bb! Hopefully the others reply soon. ;D

  3. Nick Chou1:05 AM

    Wow you're interviewing Doll companies now! Level-up!

    Great interview. It was nice to learn more about a company's process, and from a pretty popular one no less!

  4. What a privilege it must've been to interview such talented folk~ *0*

    Aughhh those skills... <333 they're amazing. :) Great answers, too. It's cool that Rollingpumpkin had to change her style from modern to antique for Rosen Lied. You wouldn't think she had a hard time with the transition. xD Such beautiful work from both of them. I also love that there's a photo of them actually at work...really makes you appreciate the company even more. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, bb. X) Great interview!!!

  5. Yeah... I didn't think RL would reply though, since I know they're all busy. But I'm glad they did anyway. ;A;

  6. A great privilege indeed. *^*

    You're welcome! Thank YOU for reading! <3

  7. Revien Darling4:12 AM

    Oh, I loved this! I've always super admired the Rosen Lied ladies, and their replies I really interesting. I never would have guessed Rollingpumpkin started in modern type clothes. >v<

  8. Kuri Calingacion1:01 PM

    This is so awesome! :D I love that they agreed to be interviewed. And I'm hoping to see more insights from other doll companies in the future! Great job, Kass!

  9. Thank you for the link!! If was a wonderful experience for us too!
    And there was one correction needed for one question so I sent you an e-mail again! :)
    Wish you a very good luck with your interviews~


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