Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dolly Wishlist & Plans

As happy as I am with my girls Blair and Miette, honestly, I still find myself looking at other dolls, trying to see if I'll feel that "spark" again. There are a couple of sculpts that have caught my eye, but I've yet to feel the extreme feeling of want I did when I fell in love with the Minifée Miyu and Lati Suji sculpts. Still, that niggling feeling is there for these particular dolls, and it's enough for me to want to buy them eventually!

1. Feeple60 Rona
This underrated FL beauty is my priority right now. I have a character and fashion style planned out for her already and all I need is the money (a never-ending dilemma LOL). Her name's gonna be Rowan, and she'll be a sassy, snarky model wannabe. She'll have black hair and purple eyes. I'll probably dress her mostly in hipster clothing, haha! :D

2. Littlefée Chiwoo
I've been drawn to this cutie ever since it was released by FL. I've developed a character in mind for this guy already since then. When I do get him, his name will be Kyle (subject to change) and he'll be a rambunctious little boy with a thirst for adventure!

3. Minifée Woosoo
Getting a female MNF Woosoo isn't a must for me, but if I ever get enough money after buying Rona and Chiwoo, I'm getting her. I'm still torn between giving her a character (Marion, Blair's deceased best friend and Miette's mother) or turning her into an homage to Audrey Kawasaki's art (because Woosoo has always reminded me of Audkawa's girls).

4. Delf Arwen (brown skin)
Oh my. This girl was just released last week and she's caught my eye already.  I don't have concrete plans for her if I get her, but she'll most likely be a Filipina character. Her skin tone and facial features are just perfect!

5. Iplehouse Felix
There is a slim chance that I'll ever get this guy. Maybe I will after I buy all the dolls above and if I win the lottery. XD The reason I like this sculpt is because he reminds me so much of my favorite Kpop singer, Dongwoon of BEAST. However, he's on the bottom of the list because 1) he's not going to fit in with my current collection, and 2) I think it's a little creepy to have a doll based on a real person.


  1. That is indeed a long dolly wishlist! I hope you can get them all!

  2. So many pretties! I've always loved the Woosoo sculpt, definitely one of my favourite MNFs. ^^

  3. Thanks! It's gonna take a loooong time though. XD

  4. Me, too. Very enigmatic despite being smiley. :3


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