Monday, January 20, 2014

An Unexpected Arrival

She wasn't supposed to come home yet.

As you know, I had intentions of getting an SD version of Blair, but the thought of purchasing another doll so soon after buying Rowan was out of the question. I had the means, sure, but did I need another doll so soon? No.

But hot dayum, LUTS threw me a curve ball when they released Limited Delf Succubus Clary back in November. I fell for her hard. I hadn't felt that way for a doll ever since I saw Minifee Miyu, who became Blair eventually. And this sculpt, Clary, reminded me so much of Blair despite the demon motif she had going on in her promo photos. I just had to have her!

Good thing I had funds from last year's Tiangge! With the help of my boyfriend (who gave me money as my Christmas gift lmao haha), I was able to afford her. And after only ONE month, LUTS shipped my girl to me! That was the fastest processing time I've experienced ever. Yay for LUTS!

I got her package last Friday. You can check out her box opening on Den of Angels or on the ManikaManila forums.

Anyway, the moment I opened her box, my heart skipped a beat. That's it. That's my girl, only in a bigger size. I love how she looks a lot like Delf Miyu, but less sleepy/sad looking. Looove that little smile she has. I'm so so so happy I went with my gut and got her while she was still available. She's just perfection.

Obviously I was super excited to play with her and take photos that I did her faceup the day after. XD This was the fastest faceup I did–under 5 hours to be exact. And no repeats! Even though I'm not 100% happy with her faceup–needs more purple/red, less orange lol–this one's good enough to stay for now.

So now, in the span of 3 months, my crew size has doubled. Now I have two big girls even though I said I wouldn't even consider owning anything larger than an MSD. What the hell happened? Ha!


  1. Yay, another one for the firefly jar? :p

  2. They both looks amazing! I would love to see yong Blair with big Blair together :3
    And I think the faceup you did is amazing!

  3. And now 4 more to go :))

  4. I posted a photo of them together over at Instagram, but I do plan on doing a proper shoot with both of them. :D Thank you!

  5. Ahh, what a lovely face-up you gave her! She looks so lovely. :D


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