Monday, January 6, 2014

CustomHouse Ange Ai Gaby for Krishna

One of my dearest friends in this hobby, Krishna, is leaving for Japan to further her career. I'm gonna miss her terribly, so when she asked if she could commission me to do the faceup of her new girl, I jumped at the opportunity. I like to think of it as a goodby present from me to her. ; w;)

Her doll's name is Umeko, which comes from the Japanese word ume, meaning "plum". She's a young girl born with a congenital illness that makes her look pale. She decides to embrace Shironuri fashion to cope with her sickliness.

I was supposed to try my hand at using acrylics to do the details, but I chickened out. x_x I also wanted to finish her ASAP because Krishna's leaving for Japan by the end of January. Oh well, I'll have other opportunities to practice lol. Despite that, I'm pretty happy with how Umeko turned out. :D

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